Ops Study Sheet #3

  1. After calling ID/Records how long do you have to serve an arrest warrant?
    12 hours
  2. What is needed to arrest a suspect inside a residence?
    search warrant, consent, or urgent circumstances
  3. After ___ the ASA will reivew an arrest warrant to see if it is still valid?
    6 months
  4. If a victim is incapacitated what do you enter as the VINE PIN?
  5. What is the charge for an arrestee with out of state charges & no local charges?
    Fugitive from Justice
  6. What is the charge for arrestee with out of state charges & local charges?
    booked on local charges...detainer done for out of state charges
  7. What is the charge for other FL charges but no local charges?
    Same charge as on the warrant. (not Fugitive from Justice)
  8. Who is contacted if there is a question about someones immunity status?
    Bureau of Consular Affairs (after hours State Department Operations Center)
  9. t/f
    Foreign govt personnel can be issued traffic citation even if they are entitled to immunity
    true-but they can not be arrested
  10. Officers can approve which reports on their own without sending it to a sgt?
    • shoplifting
    • capias
    • court orders
    • public intox
    • rebooks
  11. What misdemeanor can officers 1015 for
    • PC for violation of inj
    • PC for 22/88
    • PC for battery
    • PC for assualt of LEO, JFRD
  12. If an arrestee has local charges and a FL arrest warrant what do you book them on?
    local charges and detainer on the warrants
  13. T/F  Non Florida residence are not eligible for an NTA?
    False-they are eligible for an NTA
  14. NTA eligibiity requirements
    no arrests in the last 6 months

    no FTA in the last 12 months
  15. When do you call a Crime Scene Det to a arson?
    death, serious injury, or Fire Marshal called
  16. When do Crime Scene Det respond to a auto burglary?
    • $5,000 of more in theft
    • 5 or more vehicles
    • suspect in custody
    • when patrol not trained to collect evidence
  17. Crime Scene Detective will respond to bomb calls when
    Called by a bomb tech only
  18. Crime Scene Det will respond to what criminal mischief?
    • $1,000 more in damage
    • suspect in custody
    • gang graffiti
  19. Crime Scene Det will process what stolen vehicles?
    • used in violent felony, 
    • sgt requests
    • known pattern
  20. How long is the police hold at pawn shops?
    90 days
  21. How long is the police hold at second hand metal dealers?
    15 days
  22. how long does a tow hold last on a vehicle?
    5 days unless extended
  23. Does an owners requested tow require an NOIR?
  24. The forfeiture packet must be completed and submitted  ____ after seizure
    with in 24 hours
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Ops Study Sheet #3
Ops Study Sheet #3