1. What is the purpose of BUMEDINST 1300.2A?
    Establish medical, dental, and educational suitability screening; medical assignment screening; and EFMP ID and enrollment.
  2. What are suitability screenings used for?
    Determine eligibility of service members, family members to be assigned worldwide. Also to identify family members eligible for EFMP
  3. When should each family/service member be screened for suitability?
    Within 30 days of receipt of orders.
  4. Who is ultimately responsible for ensuring suitability screenings are completed?
    The CO of the transferring (parent) command
  5. How many days does the Suitability Screening Coordinator at a remote MTF have to respond to screening inquiries?
    7 days
  6. What DD forms are required for a suitability screening?
    DD 2807, DD 2808, DD 2792 (EFM medical summary), DD 2792-1 (EFM Special Education Summary)
  7. What NAVMED forms are needed for a suitability screening?
    NAVMED 1300/1, NAVMED 1300/2, NAVMED 1300/3
  8. What is type 1 duty?
    CONUS, land based, not expected to be absent for more than 150 days per year
  9. What is type 2 duty?
    Sea Duty, homeported in US, expected to be away for 150 days per year
  10. What is type 3 duty?
    Overseas Remote Land-based Sea Duty, not expected to be absent more than 150 days per year, but counts as sea duty.
  11. What is type 4 duty?
    Overseas Sea Duty, homeported OCONUS, expected to be away for 150 days per year.
  12. What is type 5 duty?
    Doesn't exist fucker :P
  13. What is type 6 duty?
    Overseas Shore duty, counts as shore duty, not expected to be away for 150 days a year.
  14. Where is high-risk OB/GYN care limited?
    Puerto Rico
  15. When does a family member require screening?
    SM in receipt of orders to over seas duty and authorized accompanied tour; SM serving 24 months unaccompanied; Family plans to join at a later date.
  16. What are the exemptions from required overseas immunizations?
    Medical; Documented Immunity; Religion
  17. Civilian Dental exams for family members are considered current if performed in the last ___ months?
  18. How long will a parent command keep copies of suitability screenings?
    2 years
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