Social Studies 3

  1. Feudalism definition
    a social system of rights and obligations based on land ownership power
  2. pros of feudalism
    • protection
    • restored trade
    • no one person ruled
  3. cons of feudalism
    no strong central gov for big projects
  4. who had the most power in the feudalism system
  5. What led to feudalism
    Charles Martel gave large pieces of land to nobles willing to fight for him
  6. lords gave the serfs _______
  7. serf gave the lords _____
  8. describe the life of a noble woman
    • ran the manor¬†
    • overseas food and storage
    • medical duties
  9. pages main duties
    • care for and controlled war horse
    • served ladies
    • learned manners
  10. squire main duties
    • served knights in battle
    • learned to handle lance and weapons
  11. responsibility of a vassal
    vassals gave military services and the lord gave vassal land
  12. why did nobles raise their own armies and build castles
  13. landownership=_______
  14. define freeman
    peasant that could leave as wish
  15. define serf
    peasant that couldn't leave as wish
  16. 4 reasons farming became more productive at the end of the middle ages
    • heavy plows
    • mills
    • crop rotation
    • horse collar
  17. why did knights participate in tournaments
    practice for war
  18. how was it decided what class a person would belong too
    born into it
  19. could a person change the class he or she belonged to
    no you had to have noble blood
  20. Define Canterbury Tales
    collection of stories by Geoffrey Chaucer
  21. Define fief
    land granted to a vassal
  22. Define coat of arms
    identified a knight in battle
  23. Define vassal
    noble who served a lord of higher rank
  24. Define knight
    warrior on horseback
  25. Define joust
    competition between 2 mounted knights
  26. Define code of chivalry
    • protect weak¬†
    • honor gods
    • don't change unhorsed foe
  27. Define manor
    • a manor included
    • manors house
    • surrounding fields
    • peasant villages
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