1. Amber Alert/CARE alert shall be prepared within the first ____ hours of being notified of an abduction.
    2 hours
  2. EXCEPTIONS OF THE 3.14 According to the DOM ?
    It is used to record additional information gained subsequent to the completion of the original report, to correct information on the original report, to report the progress in the inv or to change the case status.  on all of the following except?
    a--Arrest Report  5.2
    b- Death Investigation 3.11
    c- Injury Investigation 3.15
    d- Disposition of arrest and court action form 5.9
    r- CHP 180 veh report
    EXCEPT THE 5.9  ( you can only use a 5.9 to correct a 5.9)
  3. According to the DOM teh follow up investigation form 3.14 is the Department's primary form used to record additional information and results of investigation after completition of the original crime or incident report.  It is an integral part of the Department's reporting system and may be the basis for:
    • a- Criminal Litigation
    • b- Civil Litigation
  4. According to Training Bulletin Anti Discrimination and Retaliation management and supervisors have responsibilities upon notification of an incident. Which are the supervisors responsibilities?
    • 1- Stop the Behavior
    • 2- Conduct an initial investigation of the situation
    • 3-Seek the advice of legal counsel if necessary
  5. according to the Dept Manual the person in charge of a crime scene is
    Senior Investigative Officer at scene
  6. According to DOM on a Category One Required follows up, unless an extension is granted, a 3-14 is required for NON CUSTODY CASES, EXCEPT those which involve hatred or prejudice within:
    30 calendar days
  7. According to DOM "unless " extension is granted a Follow up report 3-14 is requried to report the results /progress of a Cat one case involving HATRED OR PREJUDICE OR CRIMESS WHICH HAVE IN CUSTODY ARRESTEE WITHIN:

  8. According to the DOM (exception for use of the Follow-up Investigation 3-14) which of the following forms is used to reclassify an "Injury Investigation to a crime?
    an Investigative Report, Form 3.1
  9. According tothe DOM the rank of detective is of a specialized nature and shall normally be considered separate from line command.  The senior detective shall be in command of a police incident when:
    • An incident is the result of investigative activit
    • An incident has reached the stage where the remaining functions are investigative in nature
    • The concerned detective or specialized unit desires to take over the investigation and complete the necessary reports
  10. Booking advice for adult FELONY TRAFFIC ARRESTS shall be obtained from:
    A Supervisor in the concerned bureau traffic division
  11. Dep Manual Immediate Action Rapid Deployment  is the immediate deployment of law enforcement resources to on-going, life threatening situations where delay could otherwise results in death or great bodily injury to innocent persons.  It is formed of a CONTACT AND RESCUE TEAM. the "overall" objective of a contact and/or rescue Team is to save as many lives as possible through a coordinated effort.  Which of the following are part of the primary mission of a contact team?

    A- limit the movement of the suspect(s)
    B- Stop the deadly behavior
    C- Prevent escape
    D- Provide a preliminary assessment of the incident
    E- All of the Above
    F-   A and C only
    E- All of the Above
  12. US vs Leon,  "good faith exception"
    Evidence seized pursuant to a search warrant will NOT BE SUPPRESSED if offices obtained the warrant in good faith.
  13. According to Dept manual 4/220.5 Vehicle taken in a crime, whenever a veh is taken in the commission of a crime a "stolen" vehicle report , CHP 180 shall be completed in addition to the appropriate crime report. EXCEPT WHEN
    when an office conducting a preliminary investigation determines that a vehicle has been obtained by IDENTITY THEFT OR FORGERY (FRAUDULENT CHECKS, COUNTERFIET ETC)
  14. Information received from an untested informant who does not qualify as a citizen informant is not considered reliable by itself.  Reliance upon information given by an untested informant may be made upon:
    • 1- Corroboration
    • B- Appearing before a magistrate with the informant, where the magistrate can observe the demeanor and appearance of the informant and ask questions if necessary.
  15. CARE (Child abduction regional alert) and Amber Alert requests shall be requested through:
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