DNA Replication Enzymes

  1. helicase
    opens the double helix at replication forks by disrupting the hydrogen bonds that hold the two strands together
  2. single-strand bonding protein (SSB)
    binds to single strands of DNA and prevents the helix from reforming before it can be used as a template for replication
  3. topoisomerase
    breaks one or both DNA strands, preventing excessive coiling during replication, and then rejoins them in a more relaxed configuration
  4. DNA polymerase
    links nucleotide subunits to form a new DNA strand from a DNA template
  5. DNA primase
    synthesizes short RNA primers on the lagging strand; begins replication of the leading strand
  6. DNA ligase
    links Okazaki fragments by joining the 3' end of the new DNA fragment to the 5' end of the adjoining DNA
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DNA Replication Enzymes