Psych Mod-4

  1. Sensory Cortex/location
    Front of Parietal Lobes

    • receives info from skin senses 
    • from movement of body parts
  2. Plasticity
    modify itself after damage

    brain ability to change
  3. Cerebral Cortex
    • Body's ultimate control
    • information processing center

    • Cerebral Cortex LOBES
    • Occipital
    • Frontal
    • Parietal
    • Temporal
  4. Frontal Lobes/location
    behind forehead

    • speaking 
    • muscle movement
    • making plans
    • judgement
  5. Temporal Lobes/location
    above the ears

    • auditory areas
    • each information from opposite ear
  6. Hemispheric Specialization
    Alas reality is more completed

    happens before some types of brain surgery
  7. Occipital Lobes/location
    back of head

    receive information from visual fields
  8. Cerebellum/location
    rear of brain stem

    • processing sensory input
    • coordinating movement
    • output
    • balance
    • enabling nonverbal learning and memory
  9. Parietal Lobes/location
    top of the head toward the rear

    • receives sensory input for touch 
    • body position
  10. Corpus Callosum (large band)
    • large band of neural fibers connecting two brains hemispheres
    • carrying messages between them
  11. Split Brain Patients
    • surprisingly normal
    • personality and intellect hardly affected
  12. Split Brain
    • condition resulting from surgery
    • isolates the brains two hemispheres by cutting the fibers
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