Psych Mod-3

  1. Reuptake
    sending neuron reabsorbs excess neurotransmitters from synapse
  2. Dendrites
    • neurons bushy branching extensions 
    • receive messages
    • conduct impulses toward cell body
  3. Terminal Branches of Axon
    forms junctions with other cells
  4. Axon
    neuron extension that passes messages through branches to other neurons or to muscles or glands
  5. Neuron
    • a nerve cell 
    • basic building block of nervous system
  6. Neural Impulses  (action potential)
    electrical signal traveling down axon
  7. Pituitary Gland (MASTER GLAND)
    • regulates growth
    • controls other endocrine glands
  8. Endocrine System
    set of glands that secrete hormones in blood stream
  9. Parasympathetic Nervous System
    Calms the Body

    • conserves the body energy 
    • opposite of sympathetic
    • decrease heart rate 
    • lowers blood pressure
  10. Sympathetic Nervous System
    Arouses and expands memory

    • accelerate heart rate
    • raise blood pressure
    • slow digestion
    • raise blood sugar
  11. (ANS) Autonomic Nervous System (Self Regulating)
    • contros glands
    • controls muscles of internal organs

    One of two components of the Peripheral Nervous System 
  12. (SNS) Somatic Nervous System (Skeletal Nervous System)
    Controls the body skeletal muscles 

    One of two components of the Peripheral Nervous System...
  13. (PNS) Peripheral Nervous System
    • sensory and motor neurons
    • connects central nervous system (CNS) to rest of body
  14. (CNS) Central Nervous System
    brain and spinal cord
  15. Nervous System
    • bodys speedy electrochemical communication network
    • consists of all nerve cells of peripheral and central nervous system
  16. Neurotransmitters
    • chemical messengers
    • cross synaptic gaps between neurons
  17. Interneurons
    • neurons within the brain and spinal cord
    • communicates internally
    • intervene between sensory inputs and motor outputs 
  18. Sensory Neurons
    • carry incoming information 
    • from sensory receptors of brain and spinal cord
  19. Motor Neurons
    • carry outgoing information
    • from brain and spinal cord to muscles and glands
  20. Dopamine/Influences
    • movement
    • learning 
    • attention
    • emotion

    • Oversupply Schizophrenia
    • Undersupply tremors
    • decreased mobility
    • parkinsons disease
  21. Serotonin/Influences
    • affects mood
    • hunger
    • sleep
    • arousal

    antidepressant drugs raise levels
  22. Acetylcholine (ACH)
    • enables muscle action
    • learning
    • memory

    ACH-producing neurons deteriorate
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