Psych Mod-1

  1. Psychology
    science of behavior and mental process
  2. Functionalism
    • Mental processes to adapt
    • survive &
    • flourish
  3. Structuralism
    • introspection
    • define minds makeup
  4. Neuroscience
    • the body and brain emotions
    • memories  
    • sensory experiences

    ie. how do pain messages travel from the hand to the brain
  5. Social-Cultural
    • behavior, thinking vary across situations
    • and cultures

    • ie. how we are alike as members of human family
    • how do we differ as products of environment
  6. Evolutionary
    • natural selection of traits has
    • promoted the survival of genes 

    ie. how does evolution influence behavior tendencies
  7. Behavior Genetics
    • genes and environment influences
    • individual differences

    ie. extent are psychological traits; intelligence, personality, sexual orientation and vulnerability to depression products of genes
  8. Cognitive
    • perceive, process,
    • remember information, 
    • encode, store, receive information

    ie. how we use info in remembering, reasoning, problem solving
  9. Psychodynamic
    • behavior from unconscious drives
    • and conflicts

    ·ie. how can ones personality, traits, disorders be explained by unfulfilled wishes and child hood trauma
  10. Behavioral
    learn observable responses

    ie. how do we learn to fear particular objects and situations?
  11. Counseling Psychology
    • Life changes 
    • education 
    • cope with challenges
    • crises

    i.e. academic,vocational, marital issues
  12. Clinical Psychology
    • studies, assesses, treats people
    • studies, assesses, and treats people with psychological disorders.
    • usually doesn't provide medical therapy
  13. Psychiatrists
    psychological disorders;

    • physicians sometimes provide drugs treatments
    • psychological therapy 
  14. Positive Psychology
    • explores “positive emotions, positive character traits, and enabling institutions.”
    • human functioning, with the goals of discovering and promoting strengths and virtues that help individuals and communities to thrive.
  15. Psychology's Main Subfields
    • Counseling Psychologists
    • Clinical Psychologists
    • Psychiatrists 
    • Positive Psychology
  16. Psychology's levels of Analysis/Related Perspectives
    • Biological Influences
    • Psychological Influences
    • Social-Cultural Influences
    • Survey
    • Questions
    • Read
    • Retrieve2
    • Review
  18. Psychological Principles
    (help you learn & remember)
    • SQ3R
    • Test Effect
  19. John Locke Belief
    • we are born without innate ideas
    • knowledge is instead determined
    • only by experience derived from sense perception
  20. Nature vs Nurture
    • Nature refers go our biological Influence
    • Nurture refers to our environmental Influence
  21. Testing Effect
    • enhanced member that results from repeated retrival
    • as in self testing
    • rather than just reading information
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