Vocab 10-12

  1. Askance
    • Adv. with suspicion, distrust, disapproval
    • s: distrustfully, suspiciously
  2. attenuate
    • v. to make thin or slender; to weaken or lessen in force, intensity, or value
    • s: thin out, dilute, water down
    • a: thicken, strengthen, bolster
  3. benign
    • adj. gentle, kind; forgiving, understanding; having a favorable or beneficial effect; not malignant
    • S: benevolent, salubrious, harmless
    • A: malevolent, deleterious
  4. cavil
    • v. to find fault in a petty way, carp
    • n. a trivial objection or criticism
    • S: nitpick
  5. charlatan
    • (n.) one who feigns knowledge or ability; a pretender, impostor, or quack
    • s: mountebank
  6. decimate
    • (v.) to kill or destroy a large part of
    • S: devastate
  7. foible
    • (n.) a weak point, failing, minor flaw
    • S: shortcoming, quirk
    • A: forte, virtue
  8. forgo
    • (v.) to do without, abstain from, give up
    • S: refrain from, renounce
    • A: indulge in, partake of
  9. fraught
    • (adj.) full of or loaded with; accompanied by
    • S: charged with
    • A: devoid of, lacking, deficient in
  10. inure
    • (v.) to toughen, harden; to render used to something by long subjection or exposure
    • S: accustom, acclimate
  11. luminous
    • (adj.) emitting or reflecting light, glowing; illuminating
    • S: bright, refulgent, lustrous
    • A: dark, opaque, dim, murky
  12. obsequious
    • (adj.) marked by slavish attentiveness; excessively submissive, often for self-interested reasons
    • S: fawning,servile, sycophantic, mealymouthed
    • A: assertive, bumptious, candid, frank, independent
  13. obtuse
    • (adj.) blunt, not coming to a point; slow or dull in understanding; not causing a sharp impression: between 90 and 180 degrees
    • S: dump, thick, mild, dull-witted
    • A: perceptive, quick-witted
  14. oscillate
    • (v.) to swing back and forth with a steady rhythm; to fluctuate or waver
    • S: vibrate
  15. penitent
    • adj.) regretful for one's sins or mistakes.
    • (n.) one who is sorry for wrongdoing
    • S: remorseful, regretful, rueful
    • A: remoresless
  16. peremptory
    • (adj.) having the nature of a command that leaves no opportunity for debate, denial, or refusal; offensively assured, dictatorial; determined, resolute
    • S: unconditional
    • A: irresolute, mild, unassuming
  17. rebuff
    • (v.) to snub; to repel, drive away;
    • (n.) a curt rejection, a check
    • S: repulse, reject, setback
    • A: accept, welcome
  18. reconnoiter
    • (v.) to engage in reconnaissance; to make a preliminary inspection
    • S: scout
  19. shambles
    (n.) a slaughterhouse; a place of mass bloodshed; a state of complete disorder and confusion
  20. sporadic
    • (adj.) occurring at irregular intervals, having no set plan or order
    • S: intermittent, spasmodic
    • A: steady, continuous, uninterrupted
  21. abrogate
    • (v.) to repeal, cancel, declare null and void
    • S; annul, revoke
    • A: renew, ratify
  22. ambient
    adj.) completely surrounding, encompassing
  23. asperity
    • (n.) roughness, severity; bitterness or tartness
    • S: rigor, harshness
    • A: mildness, blandness, softness, lenience
  24. burnish
    • (v.) to make smooth or glossy by rubbing, polish;
    • (n.) gloss, brightness, luster
    • S: shine, buff
    • A: dull, abrade
  25. cabal
    • (n.) a small group working in secret
    • S: ring, gang, plot, conspiracy
  26. delectable
    • adj.) delightful, highly enjoyable,; deliciously flavored, savory;
    • (n.) an appealing or appetizing food
    • S: scrumptious
    • A: repugnant, repulsive, distasteful
  27. deprecate
    • (v.) to express mild disapproval; to belittle
    • S: deplore, frown upon
    • A: smile on, approve
  28. detritus
    • (n.) loose bits and pieces of material resulting from disintegration or wearing away; fragments that result from any destruction
    • S: wreckage, ruins, rubble
  29. ebullient
    • (adj.) overflowing with enthusiasm and excitement; boiling, bubbling
    • S: exhilarated, elated
    • A: gloomy, morose, sullen, apathetic, blase
  30. eclectic
    • (adj.) drawn from different sources;
    • (n.) one whose beliefs are drawn from various sources
    • S: selective, synthetic, pick and choose
    • A: uniform, monolithic
  31. flaccid
    • (adj.) limp, not firm; lacking vigor or effectiveness
    • S: soft, flabby
    • A: hard, solid
  32. impecunious
    • (adj.) having little or no money
    • S: impoverished, indigent
    • A: affluent, wealthy, prosperous, rich
  33. inexorable
    • (adj.) inflexible, beyond influence; relentless, unyielding
    • S: ineluctable, obdurate
    • A: avoidable, yielding, plaint
  34. moribund
    • (adj.) dying, on the way out
    • S: obsolescent, 
    • A: thriving
  35. necromancer
    • (n.) one who claims to reveal or influence the future through magic, esp. communication with dead
    • In general: magician/wizard
    • S: sorcerer, conjurer
  36. onerous
    • (adj.) burdensome; involving hardship or difficulty
    • S: weighty, 
    • A: light, easy, undemanding, untaxing
  37. rife
    • (adj.) common, prevalent, widespread, happening often; full, abounding; plentiful, abundant; abundant, replete
    • A: devoid of, lacking
  38. rudiments
    • (n.) the parts of any subject that are learned first; the earliest stages of anything
    • S: basics, fundamentals
  39. sequester
    • (v.) to set apart, separate for a special purpose; to take possession of and hold in custody
    • S:segregate, isolate, closet
  40. winnow
    • (v.) to get rid of something unwanted, delete; to sift through to obtain what is desirable; to remove caff from wheat by blowing on, fan
    • S: sift, strain, filter, sort
  41. aesthetic
    • (adj.) pertaining to beauty; sensitive or responsive to beauty
    • S: artistic
  42. defunct
    • (adj.) no longer in existence or functioning, dead
    • S: extinct, nonexistent
    • A: alive
  43. discomfit
    • (v.) to frustrate, thwart, or defeat; to confuse, perplex, or embarrass
    • S: nonplus, foil
  44. espouse
    • (v.) to take up and support; to become attached to, adopt; to marry
    • S: embrace, wed
    • A: repudiate, disavow, renounce
  45. fetish
    • (n.) an object believed to have magical powers; an object of unreasoning devotion or reverence
    • S: charm, obsession
  46. gregarious
    • (adj.) living together in a herd or group; sociable, seeking the company of others
    • S: outgoing, extroverted
    • A: aloof, introverted, reclusive
  47. hapless
    • (adj.) marked by a persistent absence of good luck
    • S: unlucky, ill starred, unfortunate
    • A: lucky, charmed, fortunate
  48. impeccable
    • (adj.) faultless, beyond criticism or blame
    • S: flawless, spotless, immaculate
    • A: grimy, soiled, spotted
  49. importune
    • (v.) to trouble with demands; to beg for insistently
    • S: implore, dun, tax
  50. interpolate
    • (v.) to insert between other parts or things; to present as an addition or correction
    • S: interpose, introduce
  51. irreparable
    • (adj.) incapable or being repaired or rectified
    • S: irremediable
    • A: remediable, fixable, reversible
  52. laconic
    • (adj.) concise, using few words
    • S: succinct, pithy, compact
    • A: garrulous, prolix, loquacious
  53. languish
    • (v.) to become weak, feeble, or dull; to droop; to be depressed or dispirited; to suffer neglect
    • S: flag, fade, pine
  54. mendacious
    • (adj.) given to lying or deception; untrue
    • S: untruthful, false
    • A: veracious
  55. nadir
    • (n.) the lowest point
    • S: rock bottom
    • A: pinnacle, zenith
  56. omnipresent
    • (adj.) present in all places at all times
    • S: ubiquitous, ever present
  57. perfunctory
    • (adj.) done in a superficial or halfhearted manner; without interest or enthusiasm
    • S: slapdash, shallow
    • A: thorough, assiduous, diligent, meticulous
  58. plaintive
    • (adj.) expressive of sorrow or woe, melancholy
    • S: sad, lugubrious
    • S: cheerful, blithe, joyous, merry
  59. requite
    • (v.) to make suitable repayment, as for a kindness, service, or favor; to make retaliation, as for an injury or wrong; to reciprocate
    • S: reimburse, avenge
  60. tantamount
    • (adj.) equivalent, having the same meaning, value, or effect
    • S: indistinguishable from
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