Modified Wordly Wise Lesson 10

  1. to cause sickness, pain, or trouble
    ail (verb)

    Example: "What ails you?" the doctor asked.
  2. to get rid of completely
    banish (verb)

    Example: Joe was such a cheerful person, he banished gloom wherever he went.
  3. to make known; to give or exchange information
    communicate (verb)

    Example: Since I hate to write letters, I mostly communicate by telephone.
  4. carefully thought out; not hasty
    deliberate (adjective)

    Example: Although my mother was angry, she spoke in a calm and deliberate manner.
  5. distance from top to bottom or front to back; deepness
    depth (noun)

    Example: The floodwaters reached a depth of several feet.
  6. to wish for; to want very much
    desire (verb)

    Example: A person who is famished desires just one thing- food!
  7. bad luck; trouble
    misfortune (noun)

    Example: He had the misfortune to break his leg right before the big game.
  8. a child whose parents are dead
    orphan (noun)

    Example: Tom Sawyer lived with his Aunt Polly because he was an orphan.
  9. to kill violently
    slay, slain (verb) 

    Example: The scene where Saint George slays the dragon comes right at the end of the play.
  10. a sign of something
    symptom (noun)

    Example: Headaches can be a symptom of eyestrain.
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