Drowsy 2

  1. Why in the world would anyone put olives in a Gibson.
    I got a question. How can you give up the footlights when you know very well you got grease paint n your veins
  2. Victor please.
    • Oh Janet. I am begging you. Dump the mug, stay with the Follies. I'll give you anything you want. I'll..I'll..oh fine.  I'll put your name above mine on the marque.
  3. Show Off ends
    G1Well Mr Feldzieg, It is painfully obvious thaf Ms Van De Graaff has no desire to continue a life on the stage. G2 Can't you see it's killing her soul.
    Don't warry boys. This isn't over yet.
  4. Yeah, I'm surprised she didn't do an oncore. SHOW OFF ENCORE. Blackout, MAN OOps Girl At Sea, which won an Oscar for special affects.
    CSF:Okay, begging and groveling didn't work. On to plan B.  And for that I'm going to need an accomplice.  Someone gullible with lose morals. I need a, what do you call'em, a European.
  5. In walks Aldolpho .... it had been partially consumed by his poodles. Well, he was only partially consumed.
    Excuse me, I don't think we've met.
  6. I am Aldolpho.
    You are Aldolpho?
  7. Yes, I am Aldolpho.
    Not, the Aldolpho?
  8. Ye, I am Aldolpho.
    Funny, you don't look like a scoundrel.
  9. Yes...WHAT?
    Why, just now I overheard the Groom saying that Aldolpho is a scoundrel. I just heard him says that.
  10. What, Aldolpho a scoundrel?
    Those very words.
  11. Aldolpho is a scoundrel!
    It's like I'm hearing it again.
  12. This is outrageous. He is saying this to people...to beautiful ladies, with breasts fro making love. Why I must...I must..
    Yes you must, you must take matters into your own hands,.
  13. Yes, I must take this groom into my hands and kill him.
    Yes, No! Don't kill him.  Just hurt him enough so he can't get married.
  14. Show me the groom...Wait!
  15. What kind of a man is this groom? A big man?
    Well ..
  16. A burley fellow?
    Well, he's big on the outside.
  17. No, o  ,no Adlolpho will not fight a big man. Small, pale, wheezy little dwarf people far away. But not a big man.
    • So you're a lover not a fighter.(moving to his left side.)
  18. Yes Aldolpho is a lover of beautiful ladies. Some say I am the King of romance.
    Well, you know what they say, the best way to get revenge on a man is through his....
  19. Door?
    No...The best way to get back at a man is though his....?
  20. Window!
    No...Revenge, back at a man...through his...
  21. Through his, there is no other ways !!! I'm not Santa Claus coming down a chimney.
    Through his woman!!!
  22. Ahh! Through his woman.
    Yes Aldolpho!! You must seduce his woman!!
  23. His woman!
    His bride!
  24. Aldolpho will make love to bride! that will show people Aldolpho is no scoundrel.  Show me to this bride...Whit!!
    What? (in his voice)
  25. What kind of woman is his bride? A big woman.
  26. A burley woman.
    No!  she's the cat's pajamas.
  27. Pajamas?
    She's a looker.  An attractive lady!
  28. Ah  Show me to this cat in pajamas! Aldolpho will make her purr-r
    Stop it.
  29. Like a cat in pjamas.
    Ahhh!  (leaving SR)
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