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  1. A possible side effect of punishment is ___________ Contrast
  2. another side effect of punishment could be _________ or _________ responses
    emotional / aggressive
  3. A subject may engage in behavior to _______ or ________ an aversive punishment
    escape / avoid
  4. a change in one component of a _________ schedule that decreases or increases responding may lead to a change in the rate of responding in the opposite direction for the unaltered component
  5. Undesirable ___________ of the punisher behavior may occur as a side effect of punishment
  6. When punishing a response, the punisher behavior may ____________  _____________
    negatively reinforced
  7. For each behavior for decrease there should be a _____________ equivalent behavior for ______________
    functionally / increase
  8. Following a sequence of High-Probability with compliance the likelihood of compliance with a ___________ response is increased
  9. providing access to a ____ frequency behavior contingent on a____  frequency behavior will function as reinforcement of the later
    High / Low
  10. The _________   ________ states that a high frequency behavior can function as reinforcement for a low frequency behavior
    Premack principle
  11. If a situation exceeds your area of expertise, increasing  _________ through professional training is one option
  12. Ethically, if a needed treatment is beyond your scope of knowledge & experience, _____________ to another professional with the required skills may be necessary
  13. If additional expertise is needed, obtaining __________ services from an expert source may be an option to enable you to provide effective treatment
  14. The extent to which the independent variable is implemented as planned is called ______________   integrity, or ______________ fidelity
    treatment / procedural
  15. Treatment ______ occurs when application of the IV during later phases of treatment is different than at the beginning of treatment
  16. A precise ____________ definition may help with maintaining high levels of treatment integrity
  17. Treatments that require ______ effort, are _______ to understand, and are ________ are more likely to be implemented with high fidelity
    low, easy, brief
  18. criterion based ___________ can increase procedural fidelity
  19. Treatment integrity checks provide data on the ___________ and ____________ of the IV
    accuracy / reliability
  20. __________ Punishment is when a target response is followed by the removal of a stimulus that reduces the future frequency of the response under similar stimulus conditions
  21. When a response is followed by the presentation of a stimulus that decreases the future frequency of the behavior we say _________ punishment has
  22. A loud obnoxious noise presented following a response may function as a ____________   ________________
    positive punishment
  23. removal of access to a favored video game contingent on aggressive behavior towards a sister could be an example of __________  ____________
    negative punishment
  24. Speeding down a street, getting a ticket and future reduction in speed would be an example of __________  _________
    positive punishment
  25. Part of _________ validity refers to the extent that an intervention is acceptable
  26. One part of social validity is the extent to which __________ behaviors are appropriate
  27. The extent to which important and significant changes in bx are produced is part of _____________  _____________
    social validity
  28. An assessment with experimental manipulations to identify functional relationships is a
    functional analysis
  29. ABA is _______________ because techniques are thoroughly described
  30. In the FA - the _____________ condition tests for (social) negative reinforcement
  31. In an FA, the alone condition tests for?
    automatic reinforcement
  32. In an FA, the goal of the control condition is to ________ the occurrence of the targeted bx
  33. A cumulative record graph shows the  number of responses on the _________ axis
    • Y
    • or, vertical axis
    • or, ordinate
  34. The line on a cumulative graph when there is a no-response period is
    • flat
    • straight
    • horizontal
  35. a steeper slope on the line (the data path) on a cumulative graph indicates
    a higher response rate
  36. Once the top value on the y-axis of a cumulative is reached what happens
    start again at 0
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