Social media Guide

  1. the Department recognizes 3 primary law enforement uses of social media:
    • 1- Situational Awareness
    • 2- Investigations
    • 3- Community Relations/Engagement
    • (SIC)
  2. Online Undercover Activity
    Use of a Fictitious Online Personal to engage in ongoing interactive communication existing over the internet with an identified person or group
  3. Online Investigative Activity
    The use of a Fictitious Online Personal to engage in investigative tactics
  4. Use of personal equipment when conducting authorized law enforcement mission? is it approved?
    yes !with prior approval of C/O
  5. The __________ is still a good resource for officers ad Dets to use for their everyday Cyber support and questions
    "The Cyber Support Unit of each Area"
  6. Units not affected by the policies and procedures of the Social Media  Guide?
    • 1- Anti-Terrorism Intelligence Section
    • 2- Internet Crimes Against Children
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