Ops Study Sheet #2

  1. Who must give consent to arrest military personnel
    Base Commanding Officer
  2. If on temp. light duty for over ___ you must turn your vehicle in.
    60 days
  3. What additional must sgts have in their cars (in addition to officer required)
    barricade signs, arrest warrant form, reimbursement forms, IOD forms, Complaint forms, digital camera
  4. Tint for marked units....
    clear on front, not less than 15% on back.
  5. Who approves vehicle modification that cost JSO money
    Director of Police Services
  6. For off site parking who do you notify in writing if you are changing secure parking locations?
    Division Chief
  7. Who approves over $50 in emergency repairs out of county?
  8. Who approves requests for reimbursement forms for emergency repairs?
    JSO fleet Administrator
  9. How often will each component of JSO shall be inspected
    Once every three years
  10. How long will all inspection documentation be maintained?
    4 Years
  11. Line Inspections will be completed by who
    Supervisors (sgts)
  12. Who often will the property room be inventoried?  (cash activities be audited)
    Annually  (Quarterly)
  13. After the post inspection report how long does the commanding officer have to respond
    30 days-120 days with a list of completed items.
  14. No more than how many officers will be assigned to each Sgt?
    No more than 10.
  15. What are the 4 steps of the SARA Model?
    Scan, Analyze, Response, Assess
  16. Who administers a departmental task force
  17. Who administers interdepartmental task forces?
  18. To be FTO SGT how many years must you have in the FTO Program?
    Minimum 2 years
  19. If an FTO is suspended the officer may reapply after ___ return to duty.
    1 year.
  20. How long is the FTO program?
    14 weeks
  21. /How long it phase 4 FTO?
    8 days
  22. Who approves guests to visit roll calls and how much notice must be given?
    Chief of Patrol and min. of 30 minutes
  23. Immediately after roll call officer must check their assignment where?
  24. Who documents training in Acadis?
    Unit Training Coordinator (UTC)
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Ops Study Sheet #2
Ops Study Sheet #2