Conditionals (multiple choice)

  1. They wouldn't have made you Marketing Manager if they didn't think you were right for the job.
    Correct. (Mixed conditionals)
  2. The government would accept more refugees if the camp isn't so crowded.
    The government would accept more refugees if the camp weren't so crowded.(2nd conditional)
  3. If you've done all your homework, you can go out this evening.
    Correct. (1st conditional)
  4. We wouldn't be living in Singapore now if my company hadn't been taken over by a multinational.
    Correct. (Mixed 2nd + 3rd)
  5. Hannah would be in the first team if she didn't get injured last month.
    Hannah would be in the first team if she hadn't got injured last month.(Mixed 2nd + 3rd)
  6. If you've ever been to New York, you will know exactly what I'm talking about.
    Correct. (1st conditional)
  7. They would get divorced ages ago if they didn't have young children.
    They would have got divorced ages ago if they didn't have young children.(Mixed 3rd + 2nd)
  8. If the storm wasn't at night, more people would have died.
    If the storm hadn't been at night, more people would have died.(3rd conditional)
  9. If their flight hasn't been delayed, they will have arrived by now.
    Correct. (1st conditional)
  10. My father has agreed to lend me the money _____ I pay it back by the end of the year.

    B) providing
  11. _____ if I had played my best, I still wouldn't have beaten him.

    C) Even
  12. I'll tell you exactly what happened as ____ as you promise not to tell anyone.

    B) long
  13. ____ the rebels not surrendered, there would have been a lot more casualties.

    B) Had
  14. The company will only employ me on _____ that I sign a two-year contract.

    B) condition
  15. We've decided we're going to go ahead with the event _____ we sell all the tickets or not.

    A) whether
  16. You can go to the party _____ long as you are home by midnight at the latest.

    B) so
  17. _____ we do buy a dog, who's going to take it for walks?

    C) Supposing
  18. Se ti bruci ti fai male.
    If you burn yourself, it hurts. (0th)
  19. Se prendo un 6 all'IELTS sarò molto felice.
    If I get a 6 in IELTS, I'll be very happy. (1st)
  20. Se fossi in te mi preparei per la WT prima del test.
    If I were you, I'd practice the WT before the test.
  21. Se avessi avuto tempo avrei studiato di più.
    If I'd had time, I'd have studied more. (3rd)
  22. Se fossi Renzi avrei aiutato di più i giovani.
    If I were Renzi, I'd have helped young people more. (mixed 2nd+3rd)
  23. Se non avessi festeggiato per tutto il fine settimana, adesso non sarei così stanca.
    If I hadn't partied all the weekend, I wouldn't be so tired now. (mixed 3rd+2nd)
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Conditionals (multiple choice)
Is the following sentence correct? And what conditional is it (should be)?