Parasitology Oxyurids

  1. Oxyuris equi (host, site of infections, distribution)
    • pinworm
    • Hosts: horses (hose specific)
    • Site of infection: primarily in terminal large intestine, occasionally in large colon and cecum
    • Distribution: worldwide, common
  2. Oxyuris equi Life Cycle
    • Direct: females migrate to cement eggs to perianal skin and hair--> eggs require 4-5 days for development--> transmission is through ingestion of infective eggs
    • all age groups are susceptible
    • most common in horses less than 18 months
    • long prepatent period: 4-5 months
  3. Oxyuris equi pathogenicity/ clinical signs
    • 1. abdominal discomfort- sever infection with L3 and L4 state larvae
    • 2. pruritus ani
    • 3. Bare patches on buttocks and tail
  4. Enterobius vermicularis
    • Prepatent period of 2-6 weeks
    • most common in children
  5. Oxyurids public health significance
    • They are not zoonotic parasites
    • Dogs and cats do not get infected with pinworms
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Parasitology Oxyurids
Parasitology oxyurids