MOU Det exam

  1. Family and Medical Leave Act:
    Up to how many months of family or medical leave shall be provided for the purpose of : CHILDBIRTH, ADOPTION, FOSTER CARE OF A CHILD OR SERIOUS HEALTH CONDITION OF AN IMMEDIATE FAM MEMBER?
    4 months
  2. In all cases where an employee is absent for ______ days or more due to ilness or injury, the employee shall provide proof from a medical dr which shall include the necessity for the absence, profnosis of the condition and duty restrictions.
    8 days
  3. ARticle 6.5 Off-Duty STANDBY compensation.
    employees will receive ____ hour(s) of compensation for every ___ (hrs) they are required to "standby" As used herein "standby" means that the employee must be reachable by ____ ____ ,  OR _____ AND MUST RESPOND TO A WORK LOCATION WITHIN A DESIGNATED PERIOD OF TIME.
    • employees shall receive 1 hour  of compensation for every 6 hours of STANDBY time (notto be confused with on call - court) 
    • must be reachable by: Telephone, Answering Serv., Answer Machine or Paging device.
  4. California Fair Employment Housing Act;
    how many days must an employee have to be eligible for up to 4 mos of pregnancy leave?
    one day!
  5. Exception to the medical/family leave.
    A pregnant employee may be eligible for up to 4 mos. for childbirth disability and up to 4 additional months for purposes of bonding.
  6. 4.2  According to the MOu management shall specificy and post the staffing of the day and PM watches by rank and pay grade.  The FIRST PRIORITY in staffing determinations shall be:
    Officer Safety
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