Informant Manual Det exam 2016

  1. What makes an informant?
    • - anytime a person is given SPECIFIC DIRECTION
    • - anytime a person request COMPENSATION
    • - Anytime a person requests a LETTER OF ACCOMPLISHMENT for a pending criminal case
    • **** Citizen rewards for info are NOT considered compensation
  2. All informant packages are to be kept where? _____________   EXCEPT FOR ________-
    Office of the C/O) of ND   except for informants by Counter TErrorism and Intelligence Bureau  CTIB
  3. Who are the only people able to grant consideration at sentencing for the informant?
    • Judge or prosecutor.
    • Dept employees shall not request dismaissal of a case on behalf of an informant
  4. Processing the informant.
    Can the I/O conduct a preliminary investigation on an informant's info prior to being approved by the C/O ND?  yes/no?
    How should the preliminary investigation be?
    • yes!
    • The preliminary investigation should be limited in scope and only serve to corroborate the informant's information
  5. the DCIC shall ensure that every ___ day of the month both the confidential informant tracking system and the UFD are backed up onto separate storage devices.
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