1. What file extension does Access 2013 use for database files?
  2. What does RDBMS stand for?
    relational database management system
  3. Where is the table name?
    on the table tab
  4. How do you find the number of records in a table
    the number of rows in a table
  5. How do you find the number of fields in a table?
    the number of columns in a table
  6. What is a field value?
    an entry in a table that is not a field heading
  7. Why is the table divided into fields?
    helps organize, catagorize attributes, make querys
  8. What does the pencil icon beside a record indicate?
    that record is being edited or addes
  9. Each table must have one field of a special type. What is the name of that type?
    primary key
  10. What is an object? How many determine the number of objects in a database?
    Objects could be tables, queries, forms, or reports. They are listed on the left under All Access Objects.
  11. What object contains the data?
    The table(s)
  12. Can you change a field value using a a) query, b) form, c) report?
    • a) query: yes
    • b) form: yes
    • c) report: no
  13. Where do you change field properties?
    table's Design View
  14. What is the difference between a fieldÂ’s name and its caption property?
    The caption is the way the field's heading is displayed.
  15. Describe one reason why data is placed in separate tables.
  16. What are 3 common field properties?
    Description, Field Size, Format, Caption
  17. How do you create a new table?
    Create/Tables/Table Design
  18. How do you assign a primary key?
    In table Design View, right click on the field and choose Primary Key
  19. What are two ways of importing data?
    EXTERNAL DATA/Import Text File or Import Excel
  20. How do you resize columns?
    In DataSheet View, select all the fields, right click in one field, choose Field Widtt/Best Fit or double-click between the field names
  21. How do define a one-to-many 1:M relationship between two tables?
    DATABASE TOOLS/Relationships/Add(or double-click) Tables/Close/connect a field in one table with a field in another table/check for one-to-many description at bottom of the Edit Relations window/choose Enforce Referential Integrity and Cascade Update Related Fields
  22. How do you create a report?
    Click on the table on which the report is based/CREATE/REPORT
  23. How do you change the heading of a report?
    double click on report heading and type new name
  24. How do you name a report?
    Clicking SAVE or close(x) will bring up a Save As window to name the report.
  25. How do you create a Query?
    CREATE/Query Wizard/Simple Query Wizard/choose Tables and required Fields/Next/add title(query name)/
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