La 1

  1. irate
    angry or enraged 
  2. decipher
    to read or interpret
  3. transfixed
    to render motionless with Terror amazement or awe
  4. Tentatively
    unsurley or uncertainly
  5. disgruntled
    to make discontented or cross
  6. deter
    to prevent or discourage from acting by means of fear or doubt
  7. solicitous
    anxious and concerned
  8. scrivener
    a stride
  9. dubious
  10. plaits
    a braid
  11. flail
    to beat or swing  with
  12. heathens
    an irreligious uncultured or uncivilized person
  13. foreboding
    a dark sense of impending evil
  14. laboriously
  15. servitude
  16. dervishes
    something that whirls or smacked widely with abundant energy
  17. slog
    to work diligently for long hours
  18. barrow
    a flat rectangular frame used for carrying a load
  19. conundrum
    a problem that has no satisfactory solution
  20. dexterity
    skill in the use of hand or body
  21. astride
    with a leg on each side straddling
  22. sleek
    shinny; smooth
  23. trousseau
    an outfit of clothing for a bride
  24. hapless
  25. adherence
    steady devotion, support
  26. loped
    to move with w long easy stride
  27. adversary
    a person group or force that opposed or attacks
  28. luxuriant
    to indulge oneself
  29. mortified
    to cause to experience shame humiliation or wounded pride
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