Chapter 2 DDR Applying this Chapter

  1. The National Weather Service predicts the arrival of severe weather in Chicago, Illinois. Your mayor is questioning who would be involved in response activities should a disaster occur. What are some of the participating organizations fro the public, private, and nonprofit sectors?
  2. An earthquake has damaged many of the homes and much of the infrastructure in Anaheim, California. What businesses from the private sector would logically be involved in the response to this disaster? How could you work with them to facilitate recovery?
  3. A tornado has struck your community in the Midwest portion of the United States and left many people homeless. As a result, you have had to open up a shelter at a local church. Who could assist you with feeding and mass care issues?
  4. You serve as a volunteer emergency manager in a small, rural community in Montana. Your town has been adversely affected by a major winter snow storm, one that has shattered all of the prior records. Roads are impossible and you are worried about the elderly individuals in your jurisdiction. Could the state government assist you? Could faith-based organizations help? How would you call up their services?
  5. Major events such as the Indian Ocean Tsunami generate impressive amounts of volunteerism. What do we call this type of behavior? Is this type of citizen involvement good or bad? How could you deal with it effectively?
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Chapter 2 DDR Applying this Chapter
Chapter 2 DDR Applying this Chapter Spring 2016