AD: Social Science - Acronyms

  1. AAA
    Agricultural Adjustment Act; Agricultural Adjustment Administration
  2. AFDC
    Assistance for Families with Dependant Children
  3. AFL
    American federation of Labor
  4. AIF
    Annual Improvement Factor
  5. AMA
    American Medical Association
  6. CCC
    Civilian Conservation Corps
  7. CEA
    Council of Economic Advisors
  8. CIO
    Committee for Industrial Organization
  9. COLA
    Cost-of-Living Adjustments
  10. CWA
    Civilian Works Administration
  11. DAR
    Duaghters of the American Revolution
  12. EPIC
    End Poverty in California
  13. FAA
    Federal Aviation Administration
  14. FAP
    Federal Arts Project
  15. FDIC
    Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
  16. FERA
    Federal Emergency Relief Administration
  17. FHA
    Federal Housing Administration
  18. FLSA
    Fair Labor Standards Act
  19. FSA
    Farm Security Administration
  20. FSLIC
    Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation
  21. FWP
    Federal Writers' Project
  22. GATT
    General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
  23. HOLC
    Home Owners Loan Corporation
  24. IMF
    International Monetary Fund
  25. ITO
    International Trade Organization
  26. NAACP
    National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
  27. NAM
    National Association of Manufacturers
  28. NCC
    National Credit Corporation
  29. NIRA
    National Industrial Recovery Act
  30. NLRB
    National Labor Relations Board
  31. NRA
    National Recovery Act; National Recovery Agency
  32. NYA
    National Youth Administation
  33. OPEC
    Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
  34. OSHA
    Occupational Safety and Helth Administration
  35. PWA
    Public Works Administration
  36. RA
    Resettlement Administration
  37. REA
    Rural Electrification Administration
  38. RFC
    Reconstruction Finance Corporation
  39. SCS
    Soil Conservation Service
  40. SEC
    Securities and Exchange Commission
  41. SSA
    Social Security Act
  42. TVA
    Tennessee Valley Authority
  43. UAW
    United Automobile Workers
  44. UCWCW
    United Council of Working-Class Women
  45. USHA
    United States Housing Authority
  46. VA
    Veterans Administration
  47. WPA
    Works Progress Administration
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