Drowsy 1

  1. So, the bride and groom are whisked away and we now turn our attention to the B plot which involves the Producer.
    Move USL to FSR.
    Mr Feldzieg?
    Getting married and leaving show business!
  2. Mr Feldzieg?
    Doesn't she know I got obligations?
  3. Mr Feldzieg I can be your leading lady. You said yourself I'm useless in the choris.
    • Kitty!
    • For the last time,
    • you ain't got what it takes.
  4. But, I been taking lessons, singing, acting, ballet
  5. Yeah, I'm pretty good too. Last week I auditioned for Swanee Lake.
    • Hand over face FREZZE
    • A little annotation....

  6. At that time the theatre was the only place where stupid people could earn a decent living. That was before television of course.
    Kitty, I don't have time for this!
  7. Gangster 1: A petite four Mr Feldzieg?
    Not now.
  8. Gangster 2: Perhaps a nice profiterole.
    Boys, I'm not hungry.
  9. G1: Then perhaps we could give you something else to chew on. G2: Yeah, something that ain't food.
  10. G1: Your confusesion is to be expected.  Although we stand here beroe you in the guise of innocent pastry chiefs, we are also-G2: and primarily- G1: Employees of a certain individual.
    A certain individual?
  11. G2: A certain individual-G1 who happens to be the largest single investor in Feldzieg Follies.  He has sent us here-G2: as pasty chiefs- G1: to express his concern about Ms Van de Graaff's impending nuptials-G": Specifically..G1:..that if she gets married and leaves the show. Then there ain't no show. Kitty: Say don't I know you? G2: No, you don't.  Kitty: Have you ever spent any time in Toledo? G1 Have you ever spent any time in a coma? Kitty: No, But I have a cousin in Settle.
    • Kitty! (walking between them) Boys. you tell your boss this wedding is never going to happen. You have my word.
  12. G2: Oh we'll take your word alright G1: but to go back ton that word would be a recipe for disaster. New we hope we have mad ourselves perfectly clear. G2 on cannoli hope G! you biscotti be kidding me G2 a trifle much? G1 Don't tart with me.
    Alright, you can drop the pastry chief routine.
  13. G1 Alas we ganache  G2 We're on the lamb  G1 Lamb's an entrée you macaroon. FREEZE

    Man: The gangsters were played by......
  14. G1: We'll leave the matter in your ands Mr Feldzieg, in the meantime feel free to browse the desert carousel. G" Try the Toledo Surprise. G! It's to die fore (exits) Kitty: Holy cates Mr Feldzieg they're gangsters.
    Very perceptive. Now go powder you face? (kitty exits) I've got to stop this wedding, but how? Oh lord in heaven, How! (exit DSL)
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