1. Release of deceased person's property.  Within  how many days shall the Coroner deliver any moreny, or other property found upon the dead body.
    • 90 days
    • If nobody claims it, the coroner shall sell the property within the same amount of days.
  2. Can a police officer search a deceased property for  a license at the scene of a K T/C?
    yes to see if an anatomical doner card is attached
  3. Latent Prints:
    Those made by the natural "skin secretions" such as perspiration or oil..
  4. Molded or "plastic" fingerprints:
    Generally occur when the finger touches or presses against a soft pliable surface such as putty,wax, envelope or stamp.
  5. Visible Prints:
    Are those that have been made by transferring a foreign substance, such as ink, blood, grease etc.,
  6. what type of prints exists when it comes to Fingerprinting?
    • 1- Visible Prints
    • 2- Molded Prints
    • 3- latent prints
  7. Liver Temperature:  It decreases at what rate per hour in the liver?
    1.5 F /hour.
  8. Blanching?
    prior to blood clootting in the body, the det places his finger against the discolored skin, the pressure will cause this discoloration.
  9. In temperate climate, "rigor" may not start to dissapear for ____ to ____ hours after death, and some rigidity may persists in the lower limb for ___ to __ days
    36-48 hours    and   3-5 days
  10. When interrogating a murder suspect, the I/O should consider 3 major areas of concern:
    • 1- Things the suspect did PRIOR
    • 2- Things the suspect did DURING
    • 3- Things the suspect did AFTER the crime.
  11. Tear in the tisue and may be either external (skin)or internal (stomach wall,liver etc).  May be caused by either direct blunt force  or by indirect blunt force.   they are characterized by irregular form, gaping and swollen edges to the wound, and often considerable bleeding
  12. when there is evidence of rape or sexual assault which 2 entities should you request as an I/O
    Coroner's Criminalists and SID (FID)
  13. Interrogations of suspect should be conducted in which way?
    "low key approach" build rapport by making the suspect believe that you understand and sympathize with him/her
  14. In a child abuse murder special emphasis should be placed on __________, ____ and ________. 
    A common statement mae by Child abusers is that the victim sustained the injuries as a result of a fall.
    Photographs, Measurements and Descriptions.
  15. Is a Murder Book discoverable for court?
  16. Coroner's documents are considered public records and will be released upon request to the general public or "media" UNLESS __________________
    The detective sends a Send a SECURITY HOLD
  17. Mincey vs Arizona,  "Murder Scene" are we aloud to conduct a warrantless search of a crime scene?
    No, we must obtain a search warrant
  18. nORMALLY The Temp of the body tends to reach the temp of the SURROUNDING air or water after a period of approx ____
    20-36 hours.
  19. What is the only reason why can we delay the Coroner's access to the crime scene?
    It shall only be delayed to prevent destruction of crime scene evidence.
  20. Photographs that will be later used for comparison (shoe impressions etc.,) should be photographed how?
  21. What should be done/documented in ALL Homicide Cases, and in other death investigations at the discretion of the I/O
  22. After completition of examining the body, the I/o should concentrate on the >>>>
    body itself.   Do not move or alter the position of the body.
  23. _______% of GSR evidence is lost within  the first hour, All of the evidence is lost at the lapse of ______ hours.
    • 90 %    
    • after 6 hours.
  24. The home address/name of victim shall NOT be released, the EXCEPTION IS:
    If given permission to do so by the respective victim or witness, or if the I?O believes that its release would assist in the investigation of the crime. 
  25. If a criminal prosecution in Mexico may occur,
    witness interviews must be recorded in a special format and need to contain specific information not found in wits statements
  26. Evidence requiring freezer storage hsall be placed into the SID/courier temporary freezer within how many hours? _______
  27. Elements of a dying declaration:
    • 1- Person must believe he is going to die
    • 2- the dying statement must refer to the manner that brought his condition and ultimately death
    • 3- the declarant MUST DIE.
  28. Stab and PUncture wounds:
    Piercing injury of the skin, and may extend through the superficial tissues and bone to involve internal organs.
    A cut usually of the skin but may involve muscle artilage, bone, and internal organs., fleeds freely, sharp, clean cut , regular edges
  30. Types of Wounds?
    D,S-I, M, L, I.w,S, P, G,E, E
    • Defense Wounds
    • Self Inflicted
    • Mutilation
    • Laceration
    • Incised Wounds
    • Stab and Puncture wounds
    • Gusnhot wounds
    • Entrance wounds
    • exit wounds
  31. Who handles abortion investigations or any suspected illegal abortion case?
  32. Who has the investigative authority when a homicide happened and the victim is a "child" under 11 years of age and the suspect is the victim's "uncle"
    Area Homicide Unit!

    The Abused Child Section (ACS) , Juvenile Division has the exclusive and f/u reponsibility for all UNDETERMINED deaths of juveniles UNDER 11 y.o and any 187s where the vict is a juvie under 11 y.o AND THE sUSPECT is the victim's parent! 
  33. A prosecutors determination should not be the sole criteria for unfounding or reclassifying a crime, the final decission to unfound or reclassify must be made _______
    within the Police Department
  34. All reports shall contain the DR number of the original crime or incident EXCEPT
    • when a reported crime or inc is reclassified to a murder and the death occurs in a subsequent calendar year. 
    • a new DR shall be assigned.
  35. Traffic related manslaughters and 187s prosecuted under "people vs watson" shall be reported on which form?
    • Traffic Report (CHP 555)
    • it should be titled manslaughter or murder, NOT homicide.
  36. Can a death report ALONE, with NO Inv Report (IR) or "criminal" traffic report be cleared??
    NO, ONLY CRIMES CAN BE CLEARED.  a Death report is always I.C (inv cont)
  37. NO employee shall release the names of juvniels who are arrested, taken into custody or who are being sought for arrest, to the news media or public at large without the prior approval of __________________-
  38. What are the 2 types of CODIS databses?
    • 1- Forensic Unkonown (taken from profiles from crime scenes)
    • 2- Offender database : profiles from convicted felons since 2009
  39. who approves SID photographers to take pics at the Coroner's Office/
    SID shall not photograph dead bodies at the coroner's office without being requested to do so by a concerned Det and approval by the CHIEF MEDICAL EXAMINER-CORONER
  40. Exit Wounds
    Ragged and torn exit wounds, exit wounds are much larger than the projectile
  41. Gunshot wounds are similar to which other wounds?
    Stab Wounds, since both the bullet and stabbing weapon puncture the skin
  42. Who has the ONLY authority to release names of juveniles who are arrested, taken into temp custody or who are being sought for arrest to teh news media, public at large without the prior approval of:
  43. The following inFO SHALL NOT BE released unless authorized by the investigatin officer and approved by an officer of the rank of DEPUTY CHIEF OR HIGHER.
  44. The character or reputation of the accused person.
    • • The existence or content of any confession or admission; the nature andcontent of statements made by the accused person; or the refusal orfailure of the accused person to make any statement.
    • • The results of any examination or test, or the accused person’s refusal orfailure to submit to an examination or test.
    • • The credibility, identity, or testimony of a prospective witness.
    • • The possibility of a plea of guilty to the offense charged or to a lesseroffense.
    • • Any opinion as to the accused person’s guilt or innocence, the merits ofthe case or the evidence of the case.
    • • The analysis and conclusions of an investigating officer regarding theofficer’s investigation.
  45. A vehicular manslaughter shall be listed as "_______".
    A murder using a vehicle as the weapon shall be listed as "_________"
    A death caused by the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) shall be listed as " _______"
    • Traffic
    • Homicide
    • Natural
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