Air Systems

  1. The following systems rely on the bleed air system for operation: (5+2)
    • Air conditioning/pressurization
    • Wing and engine thermal anti-icing
    • Engine starting
    • Hydraulic reservoirs pressurization
    • Water tank pressurization
    • *Aspirated TAT probe
    • *Auxiliary fuel system
  2. Engine bleed air is obtained from the ___ and ___ stages of the compressor section.
    5th and 9th
  3. Where are the wing body over-heat sensors?
    Image Upload 1
  4. Air Conditioning Pack Schematic
    Image Upload 2
  5. In the event of a forward cargo fire warning, the equipment cooling exhaust fan is ____
    shut off and the equipment cooling exhaust OFF light is inhibited.
  6. What happens if an overtemperature occurs on the ground in the E & E bay?
    Alerting is provided through the crew call horn in the nose wheel well.
  7. Bleed Air System Schematic
    Image Upload 3
  8. The APU is capable of supplying bleed air for ___ on the ground, or ___ in flight.
    2 packs         1 pack
  9. How many packs could be operated from one engine?
    Max 1
  10. When the automatic switching to “high air flow” occurs?
    with one pack not operating

    if both engine bleed air switches are OFF and the APU bleed air switch is ON, regardless of flap position, air/ground status or number of packs operating
  11. Automatic switching to "High" is inhibited when ___
    the airplane is on the ground, or inflight with the flaps extended, to insure adequate engine power for single engine operation.
  12. If both the primary and the standby pack controls fail for the same pack, _______
    the PACK, MASTER CAUTION, and AIR COND System Annunciator lightsilluminate. The pack will continue to operate without control unless excessive temperatures cause the pack to trip off.
  13. If a primary pack control fails, the affected pack is controlled by ______
    the standby packcontrol in the opposite controller.
  14. If air in a zone supply duct overheats, ____
    • -the associated amber ZONE TEMP light illuminates
    • -the associated trim air modulating valve closes.

    *The trim airmodulating valve may be reopened after the duct has cooled by pushing the TRIPRESET Switch.
  15. The left electronic controller controls the aft cabin zone and provides ____ control for the flight deck.
    The right controller controls the forward cabin zone and provides ____ control for the flight deck.

  16. If all Temperature Selectors are positioned OFF, the pack controls will cause the left pack to maintain a fixed temperature of ___ and the right pack to maintain ___ as measured at the pack temperature sensor.
    24°C      18°C
  17. The left recirculation fan operates;

    in flight     _______
    on ground _______

    The right recirculation fan operates;
    in flight     _______
    on ground _______
    if both packs are operating and either PACK switches are not in HIGH

    both PACK switches are not in HIGH

    if both packs are operating and both PACK switches are not in HIGH

    Regardless of Packs
  18. Two pressure relief valves provide safety pressure relief by limiting the differential pressure to a maximum of ____
    9.1 psi
  19. On the ground and in flight with low differential pressure, _______ is open and warm air from the E & E bay is discharged overboard.
    the overboard exhaust valve
  20. When is the overboard exhaust valve driven open to allow for increased ventilation in the smoke removal configuration?
    When the either pack switch is in high and the right recirculation fan is off.
  21. What are the differential pressure limits according to selected FLT ALT?
    At or below 28,000 feet: 7.45psi

    28,000 feet to 37,000 feet: 7.80psi

    Above 37,000 feet: 8.35psi
  22. The descent mode is activated when the airplane descends ___ below the selected FLT ALT.
  23. When does an amber AUTO FAIL light illuminate:
    Loss of DC power

    Controller fault

    Outflow valve control fault

    Excessive differential pressure (> 8.75 psi)*

    Excessive rate of cabin pressure change (±2000 sea level feet/minute)*

    High cabin altitude (above 15,800 feet).*

    *If controller is not responding properly
  24. Outflow valve full range of motion takes up to ___ seconds.
  25. The controller programs the
    cabin to land at the takeoff field elevation without further pilot inputs. If the FLT
    ALT indicator is changed, _______
    the automatic abort capability to the original takeoff field elevation is lost.
  26. The cruise mode is activated when the airplane climbs to within ____ of the
    selected FLT ALT.
    0.25 psi
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