Sgt Exam 2016

  1. Desk officer supervises:
    CAT P
    • C-Command Clerk
    • A-Attendant
    • T-T/S Oper

    P-Patrol wagon
  2. Police officers can only pick ONE of the:
    LT NIC holiday
    • L-Labor day
    • T-Thanksgiving day

    • N-New year' day
    • I-Independence day
    • C-Chrismas day
  3. If MOS is present in a GD ASS club, a sgt or above MUST SUSPEND:
    • G-Gambling
    • D-Drugs

    • A-After hours
    • S-Social club (unlicensed)
    • S-Smoke shop
  4. 2 stickers outside
    3 stickers inside
    Outside: police don't move & proper tactics save lives

    Inside: gun safety, seat belt safety & COPE
  5. T/S operator maintains the

    Highway FORT:
    Highway Condition Record

    • F-Frequent telephone inquire
    • O-Outgoing toll calls
    • R-Roll call (2nd copy)
    • T-Telephone dispatch log
  6. Crime Prevention officer inspects 61's crime victims under 60 years old for:

    SR HAP
    • S-Sex crime
    • R-Robbery

    • H-Homicide
    • A-Assault
    • P-Physically injured
  7. Desk Officer notifies Intel. Div. Oper. Unit for: HALT BIG Robbery
    • H-Homicide
    • A-Assault involving shot, stab, slash (3S)
    • L-LOD crime results in serious injury
    • T-Trap in veh. regardless if anything's in there or not
    • B-Burglary arrest
    • I-Home invasion (ANY)
    • G-Gun arrest

    • Robbery arrest
    • Gang incidents (ANY)
    • Patterns crime arrest
  8. Be armed at ALL times in NYC EXCEPT, at you own discretion: A FAVOR
    • A-Alcohol likely to be consumed
    • F-Family court (do not enter unless official business as A/O)
    • A-Advisable not to
    • V-Vacation
    • O-Off duty employment
    • R-Risk of loss or theft (sports events, beaches & ect..)
  9. Penal law deadly weapon, there are TEN: 1 Shooter, 4 Slappers & 5 Knives:
    • 1 Shooter-Loaded weapon causes SPI/Death
    • 4 Slappers-blackjack, billy, metal knuckles & plastic knuckles
    • 5 Knives-switchblade, gravity, pilum ballistic, metal knuckles & dagger
  10. Memo Book Inserts:
    • O-Other inserts
    • L-Legal issues street encounters
    • D-Domestic violence/victims of crime

    • T-Possible indicators of Terrorist activities
    • A-Auto ID
    • P-Primary language identifier
    • E-EDP instructions
    • S-What is a Stop, Question & Frisk encounter
  11. No Administrative Sick:
    • M-Major illness
    • D-Dental
    • S-Strees/psychological

    • B-Chronic B
    • I-Injury
    • L-LOD injury or illness
    • L-Late (called less than 2 hrs pre-tour)
    • S-Supervisor thinks it's inappropriate
  12. Allowed to go behind the desk when performing official duties:
    • MOS
    • Judicial officers (cops & judges don't have asst)
    • Corporation Counsel, DA, ME & Comptroller (above 4 all have asst)
  13. 205-18
    AWOL for 2 hrs at beginning of tour
    • -D/O makes telephone inquires: roll call, sick desk Supv., court sign in rooms & members residence
    • -Check dept records including but not limited to:
    • Telephone record, roll call change sheets
    • -Questions pct. personnel
    • -Request D/O of member's resident pct., have a BOSS respond to his residence
    • -If member resides outside city, request ICCU go notify local PD to respond
  14. 205-18
    AWOL for 4 hrs after start of tour Desk Officer notifies: IAB COP
    IAB command center

    • C-C/O, Duty capt.
    • O-Operations
    • P-Patrol boro/counterpart

    Command log entry
  15. 205-36 Employment Discrimination includes Retaliation
    • MOS file complaint with any of the following:
    • 1. Supervisor
    • 2. Supervisory Head
    • 3. C.O.
    • 4. OEEO (can make anon call)
    • 5. EEO Liaison Counsel

    • Supervisor or OEEO Liasion observing/becoming aware of:
    • -telephone facts to OEEO M-F 0800-1600 hrs (off hrs, leave msg)
    • -obtain case # & assigned OEEO investigator
    • -be guided by info received from OEEO
    • -forward report on typed 49 to OEEO within 5 business days
    • -take such actions as directed by OEEO to prevent discrimination retaliation, ASA practical
  16. 205-37
    Display Of Offensive Material
    • Supervisor:
    • 1. Notify OEEO & obtain case #(off hrs leave msg)
    • 2. Notify C.O./Unit Head
    • 3. Prior to correcting the condition, under the direction of OEEO take possession of, or photograph the offensive material (voucher as investigatory evidence)
    • 4. Make command log entry
    • 5. Forward repot on typed 49 to OEEO within 5 business days
  17. A Separate Complaint Report Will Be Prepared For:
    • -Each Homicide victim
    • -Each perp. of a crime who is killed
    • -Each person killed or injured & likely to die as a result of a MVA
    • -Each victim of a sex offense
    • -Each victim of an assault EXCEPT if incidental to a sex offense or robbery
    • -Each additional person injured in an arson
  18. 207-03
    Complaint should be voided if:
    • 1. The complaint is a duplicate of a previously reported incident
    • 2. The incident occurred within the confines of another precinct
    • 3. The incident occurred outside the confines of NYC
    • 4. The complaint report was prepared for a complaint which should have been recorded in another manner
  19. 206-03
    Schedule "B" Violations:

    • F-Failure to give name & shield number to requestor
    • O-Omitted Activity Log entries
    • O-Other deemed appropriate by CO/XO(after ntfd to boro adjutant & consult w/ dept advocate)
    • D-Dept property-loss of

    • R-Radio fail to respond, acknowledge or give disposition promptly
    • A-Alcohol in dept facility or vehicle
    • P-Prisoner-failure to safeguard
    • A-Activity log-loss of
    • S-Shield -loss of
  20. 206-07
    Sgt in charge MUST SUSPEND MOS when member: DOG CAR
    • D-Dole test-refuse
    • O-Order-refuse a lawful
    • G-G.O. 15-refuse to answer

    • C-Club-patronize, have an interest/association w/ a GD ASS club
    • A-AWOL- 5 consecutive tours
    • R-Roll Call (or during tour)- refuse assignment
  21. 207-12
    Send hard copies (no telephone notification) of Complaint Report or Complaint Follow Up to SPIS via dept mail or dept fax in the following instances ONLY:
    • a. Jewelry containing initials, inscriptions or other identifying marks OR individual pieces of jewelry, if values exceeds $5,000 OR an item of jewelry contains ten (10) stones or carats
    • b. Other articles that contains initials, inscriptions, or other identifiable markings
    • c. All coins or stamp collections valued at more than $5,000
    • d. Silverware of value exceeds $5,000
    • e. All paintings or art objects
    • f. Any fur coats valued at more than $5,000
    • g. Any property taken on hijacking
  22. 207-16 Overdue Rental vehicles GROSS DEVIATION:
    • -A lessee who has legal custody of a vehicle for 15 days or less
    • -Intentionally retains such veh
    • for at least 7 days beyond expiration date of rental agreement
    • -And continues such possession fore more 2 days after service "NOTICE" from the rental agency
  23. 207-02
    No 61 report for pick-up arrest for: PATT D PILL
    • P-Parks regs.
    • A-Admin/Health Code
    • T-Trespass-violation & 3
    • T-Theft of service

    D-Dis Con

    • P-Prostitution
    • I-Intox in public
    • L-Loitering for pros.
    • L-Loitering (except gambling )
  24. 207-07
    Notify Det. Sqd when "further invest. is required for: M.O. BRICK SIP
    • M.O.-unique /unusual Modus Operandi
    • B-Burglary-Person present, prop take more than $5k and $10k in NY, or gun/safe INVOLVED
    • R-Robbery & Gun /D.I. USED or C/V 60 yrs+ ( call BRAM instead if you have one)
    • I-Impersonation of law enforcement-call IAB & get LOG#, BUT SQD/ RAM investigates
    • C-Community Interests-May create unusual community/police interest
    • K-Known to the C/V
    • S-S.P.I. Any offense
    • I-Identify Theft
    • P-Pattern-simiilar crimes to/in: c/v in 6 month, vicinity no time frame
  25. 207-09
    Field Reports for non criminal conditions
    • a. Playing in prohibited area
    • b. Noise compliant
    • c. Other breaches of nycha rules & regs
    • d. Follow-up dispositions
    • e. Repairs
    • f. Damage (accidental, non-criminal & cause unknown)
    • g. Lingering
    • h. Complaint unclassified
    • i. Abandon & derelict vehs
    • j. Resident disputes
    • k. Fire, non-suspicious
  26. 208-03 Arrest Processing

    Request assistance from Detective Squad (to cook) the B.U.R.G.H.A.S
    • B-Burg.
    • U-Unusual Crime
    • R-Robbery
    • G-Grand Larceny
    • H-Homicide
    • A-Assault Serious
    • S-Serious Crime
  27. 208-11 Livescan

    When Perp refuses to be printed, document refusal in the CPR
    • C-Command Log
    • P-Prisoner Movement Slip
    • R-Refused Prints Report
  28. 207-07
    Special Victims (put name in details w/ log #)
    • -Child less than 13, victim of ANY sex crimes or attempts by ANY perp.
    • -Child less than 11, victim of child abuse by parent or guardian
    • -ANY victim of ANY degree of: RAPE+attempt, CSA+attempt, AGGRAVATED SEX ABUSE (no attempt)
  29. 207-09
    Prepare Complaint Follow-Up ( blue) ONLY when:
    • -Crime classification change
    • -Information will amend a previously recorded PD code
    • -Case clearance
    • -Voiding a 61 after finalization in the OLCS
    • -Recovered prop NOT previously reported
    • -Additional stolen prop NOT previously reported
    • -Serial # obtained for prop previously reported
    • -DOA is identified & prop has been invoiced to the Prop Clerk or Public Administrator
  30. 207-09
    Prepare Follow Up Informational (pink) for:
    • -Case closed: no results
    • -Case progress reports
    • -Results of interview/canvass
    • -Additional arrests on same complaints
  31. 207-17 Contraband Weapons

    Desk Officer notifies Operations unit if any of the following weapons are involved: ( Ops will notify ATF)
    • -Rifles w/ barrels less than 16 inches long
    • -Shotguns w/ barrels less than 18 inches long
    • -Total length of altered shotgun or rifle less than 26 inches
    • -Fully automatic firearms (machine guns & pistols)
    • -Any weapon, other than conventional handgun, capable of firing a shot if such weapon can be concealed on person(pen/beeper gun)
    • -Destructive device
    • -Pistols w/ shoulder stocks
    • -Any muffling or silencing device designed for use w/ a firearm
  32. 207-23 Missings
    The List WHEN WE RECORD:
    • M-Mentally/Physically Impaired AND may need hospitalization
    • I-Involuntary disappearance
    • S-Senile/Retarded/Disbaled AND not capable of self-care or clear communication
    • S-Suicide (possible)
    • I-Is 65 years old or more
    • N-Not 18 years old
    • G-Gone swimming(possible drowning victim)

    • Special Category Missing
    • The list of WHEN WE SEARCH:
    • Same as above w/ 2 minor changes
    • -Possible Suicide becomes "Unique or Unusual" AND
    • -Less than 18 becomes less than 16

    • MOS True 1st Step
    • Search the Building FIRST (BEFORE you call the boss) when:
    • -65 or older
    • -Less than 10 years old
    • -A senile/disabled person in missing from a Hospital
  33. 207-23 Missings

    Desk Officer ( pct of residence)
    • -Checks pct records
    • -Direct preparation of a Scratch 61 AND a Missing report using the same number for both report
    • -If it's a Juvenile (ages 7-15)
    • have a Juvenile report prepared & if missing possibly due to abuse have a DIR prepared
    • -Ensure any info of Alzheimer's Safe Return Program in the remarks of the missing report
    • -Direct missing report to be FAXED to MPS & have a command clerk put the case # & name of the member who assigned the case #
  34. 208-20 Turn-Over Arrests

    • I-Injured A/O
    • M-Mass arrest

    • C-Civilian arrest
    • O-Order of protection
    • W-Warrant arrest

    • F-Family court arrest
    • O-Off duty arrest
    • O-Other as per to Supv.
    • D-DAT offense
  35. 208-07
    Photographable Offenses
    • -Felonies
    • -Juvenile Offenders
    • -Arson 5
    • -CPW 4(firearm only)
    • -Transport/make/dispose/
    • deface of weapon, Dangerous Instrument or Appliances
    • -Prohibited Use of a Weapon
    • -Jostling
    • -Fraudulent Accosting
    • -Criminal Impersonation
    • -Trademark Counterfeiting
    • -Prostitution
    • -Patronizing 3 (2 is a felony,.perp more than 21 & pros less than 17) & 4
    • -Loitering for Purpose of Promoting Prostitution sub. 3 (sub 3 is THE PIMP ONLY)
    • -Promoting 4 lowest sub & 3 is a Felony
    • -Sex Abuse 2
  36. 208-27 DAT

    Deft will NOT get a DAT that commits the following offenses:
    • -Criminal Trespass 3 (comm/office building)
    • -Harassment 1(stalking)
    • -Menacing 2(sub 2 stalking)
    • Child Abuse, Neglect, Maltreatment
    • -Marijuana Sale 4/5
    • -Photographable offenses
    • -Unlawful Eviction (no fingerprints taken)
    • -Family-any offense
    • -VOOP-family or not
    • -Compl/Vic requests an OOP or re-occurrence of violence deemed likely
    • -Owes DNA
    • -Resisting Arrest
    • -OGA 2 (if deft use mechanical means to impede removal, chaining self to stationary objects)
    • -Interfere w/ Professional sports events
    • -Offering, selling or furnishing fireworks valued at $500 or more (misd)
    • -Sale of dangerous fireworks to person under 18 (misd)

    • Commit, against a city/state enforcement agent performing Official Duty:
    • -Harassment 1
    • -Aggravated Harassment
    • -Reckless Endangerment 2
    • -Menacing 2 & 3
    • -Assault 3 & Attempt

    • Vehicle Offenses:
    • -Attempted GLA 4
    • -Criminal Mischief (window break for auto or contents)
    • -AUO 2 & 1 (511 VTL)
    • -DWI (Includes Impaired, They caused SPI/DOA to another)
  37. 208-28 ID Standards for DAT

    5 step process to establish deft's ID conducted in a strict SEQUENTIAL order:
    • 1. Identify prisoner through satisfactory documentary proof (NYS ID, Passport) AND verifiable proof of Current Address
    • 2. BADS ( Booking, Arraignment Disposition System)-Shows if on Parole/Probation
    • 3. ADW-Shows warrants, want cards & recidivists
    • 4. DMV-Do Group search (DGRP) then NYS Driver Inquiry (DLIC)
    • 5. BETA-Matches aliases w/ NYSID# to find any previous warrant history
  38. 208-30
    Hospitalized Prisoner-DAT
    • Guarding MOS:
    • -Notify D/O when deft ready to get DAT
    • -Prepare DAT
    • -Notify BCS

    • Patrol Supv.:
    • -Determine hospital stay
    • -Determine if DATable

    • Desk Officer:
    • -Notify P/S to go to hospital
    • -Have A/O notified of DAT
    • -No DAT for 7 bad "E" felony

    • Arresting Officer:
    • -Determine if deft is in hospital on day before court
    • -If still in hospital notify BCS Supv.

    • D/O of Hospital:
    • -Have deft notified of new return date
  39. 202-14 Desk Officer
    Responsible for a police operations in command during tour
    • Meal:
    • -Arrange meals & relief for personnel assigned in command facility.
    • -Coordinate Supv. meals so that 1 Supv. is on patrol at all times.
    • -When more than one patrol Supv. is on patrol one will relieve the D/O for meal.
    • -Meal relief is not an emergency.

    • Command Log Entries:
    • -Sign name & time in cmd log when assuming desk.
    • -Sign out in cmd log when leaving desk area for any reasons & sign in upon return.
    • -Sign name & time when EOT from desk.
    • -Verify property entries, make paychecks entries.
    • -Enter post changes as they occur & enter on front of Roll Call (also notify T/S Op)

    • Property Issues:
    • -Inspect prop locker & all areas in cmd where prop is being held at beginning of tour.
    • -Inspect seals on all plastic/jewelry security envelope for tampering.
    • -Conduct immediate investigation if seal is violated.
    • -Enter results of inspection in cmd log & safeguard key & invoiced prop during tour.
    • -Make SEPARATE entry indicating any invoices stored in excess of 30 days.
    • -Notify Ops coord. of number of vouchers stored in excess of 30 days & expedite delivery of the invoiced prop to its final storage loc.

    • Post:
    • -Perform duty in uniform.
    • -Visit all areas of the cmd facility at least once during tour.
    • -Inspect cmd for display of any offensive material.
    • -Personally check restrooms & locker rooms for structural defects that would let a peeping Tom practice his/her sport ( correct the problem immediately when circumstances dictate)
    • -Operate & monitor base radio.
    • -Interview visitors entering cmd.
    • -No unauthorized persons behind desk.
    • -Allowed to go behind desk when performing official duties (MOS, Judicial officer, Corp counsel, DA, ME & Comptroller: all have asst)

    • Arrests/Prisoners:
    • -DO NOT assign attendant any duty outside cell block when prisoners are lodged therein.
    • -Supervise arrest processing
    • -Periodically inspect the arrest processing areas & ascertain number of prisoners on hand & length of time in cmd.
    • -Reassign personnel as necessary (Turn-Over arrest)
    • -Question A/O regarding circumstances of the arrest.

    • Roll Call:
    • -Make required roll call adjustments prior to posting platoon & after platoon has been posted.
    • -Record post changes, as they occur in cmd log & on front of roll call.
    • -Finalize as per ARCS, notify T/S Op of all post changes.
    • -Notify P/S of reassignment members returning from court / other details.
    • -Conduct R/C @ in absence of platoon commander inspect uniforms/equipment of outgoing platoon.
    • -Questions members knowledge cmd conditions & ensure familiarity w/ integrity concerns.

    • Personnel Issues:
    • -Hourly Rings-Record for all UMOS performing duty between 0200-0700 hrs.
    • -Monitor Finest for messages affecting cmd & members of the cmd.
    • -Make required NTFD to MOS assigned in or in cmd.
    • -Accept service of civil process for (and notify)
    • -Members of the cmd ONLY when PRAA is NOT working.
    • -Arrange meals & relief for personnel assigned to duty in cmd facility.
    • -Supervise subordinate MOS in cmd.
    • -Notify C.O. Of important matters.
    • -Confer w/ CO, XO & Ops Coord. (CEO) re: trends observed/ other important matters.
    • -Watch the CAT P
    • -Verify return roll call & supervise sign out at end of tour.
    • -Write in your OWN handwriting in the Interrupted Patrol Log all members of platoon entering cmd for any reasons.

    • Forms, Logs & Reports:
    • -Examine, sign & forward forms & reports as required
    • -Telephone Dispatch Log-Certify entries by signing after 4th hour & EOT
    • -Maintain Telephone Record
    • -Paychecks-Supervise distribution of & make appropriate cmd log entry
    • -Consolidated Tour Report- Prepare every tour attach to the desk copy of roll call
    • -Prisoner Roster-Supervise entries made on
    • -Summons Books-Supervise issuance of
    • -Bail & Personal Recognizance- Process application for

    • 1st Platoon Specifies:
    • -Examine forms & reports prepared during previous 24 hrs & process as required
    • -Process summonses issued during prior 24 hrs
    • -Verify Daily Vehicle Assignment Sheet

    • Department Property:
    • -Make sure a supervise conducts investigation when a MOS is injured and/or dept prop is damaged: submit reports regarding it
    • -Safeguard portable radios & distribute giving priority based on nature of member's assignment
    • -Check on repair, availability & distribution of field equipment
    • -If gas pumping equipment defective report it to Fleet Service Fuel Control
    • -Ensure US Flag is displayed properly between sunrise & sunset each day
    • -Promptly post any changes that modify uniforms of the day

    • Patrol Wagon:
    • -Assign qualified members to operate patrol wagon when civilian operator is not available
    • -If neither is available request patrol borough to assign operator
    • -DO NOT assign patrol wagon operator any duty outside station-house without prior approval from borough court section concerned
    • -Assignment from Boro Court Section have priority over pct. assignments

    • Command Receptionist:
    • -Verify arrived & departure of receptionist by signing Personnel Schedule And Time Sheet
    • -Forward cmd receptionist reports as required

    • Plain Clothed Units:
    • -DO NOT deploy SNEU/Anti-Crime/Peddler personnel unless a SNEU/Anti-Crime/Peddler supervisor is assigned directly & totally to their supervision
    • -If a supervisor is not available, do not deploy SNEU/Anti-Crime/Peddler

    • Computers:
    • -Inspect all areas containing Dept computers systems at least once each tour & ensure that all systems are being used working Dept guidelines & not damaged.
  40. 202-17
    Patrol Supervisor
    • Supervise:
    • -All police field operations in your cmd
    • -Inspection of Dept vehicles for your platoon
    • -MOS performance on duty
    • -Test MOS knowledge of Conditions
    • -When RMP units no longer needed, direct units to resume patrol

    • Visit:
    • -When working a 1st Pltn, visit various in pct.
    • -Foot posts/RMP frequently intervals
    • -Hospital/Special Posts @ least once per tour
    • -Record in Activity Log: name/assignment of PO's visited

    • Radio Runs:
    • -ENSURE MOS pick-up & respond to R/R as directed
    • -Respond to any involving: Weapons, Emergencies, Burglaries, Serious crimes

    • Notifications/Consultations:
    • -Report dereliction of duty to C.O.
    • -Notify T/S of meal loc. (WHERE not WHEN)
    • -Recommend in writing to C.O. , MOS for special assignment or pct. assignment
    • -C.O./X.O./D/O/Plt Com/Ops Coord: matters of mutual importance/trends observed
    • -C.O or Plt Com of current matters of importance

    Investigations: Conduct/ submit reports for: MOS Injured & Damaged to Dept. Prop

    Driving Habits: Evaluate/correct MOS of Plt

    Scooter Operators: Instruct to report to D/O or Pltn Com for assignment

    Roll Call: Conduct if D/O or Plt Com tells to do so

    • -Vandalism of seat belts report to IAB
    • -Serious deficiencies of seat belts Tell Plt Com (P/C) in absence of P/C, tell C.O.
  41. 203-12
    Use Of Deadly Physical Force (DFP)
    • 1. Our Primary Duty is to Preserve Human Life.
    • 2. DPF is a LAST RESORT & only to protect life.
    • 3. NEVER use DPF to protect PROPERTY.
    • 4. NEVER fire warning shots.
    • 5. Need Probable Cause the Death/ SPI is imminent.
    • 6. Double Action ONLY

    • 7. Give some warning such as "Police Don't Move"..where feasible & consistent w/ personal safety.
    • 8. Do not shoot to subdue a fleeing felon..who presents no threat if imminent Death or SPI.
    • 9. Do not shoot to summon assistance..EXCEPT emergencies where someone's personal safety is endangered & no other reasonable means are available.
    • 10. Do not shoot at or from a moving car..unless the perp is using some OTHER form of DPF.
    • 11. Do not shoot dog/animal..EXCEPT to protect someone form Physical Injury & no other reasonable means to eliminate threat
    • 12. Do not shoot if, in your Professional Judgement, it will unnecessarily endanger innocent people. (Shoot w/ all your experience & training as a cop, judge that it's necessary)
  42. 205-45 Chronic Sick
    • Chronic A:
    • -Report sick 4 or more times in 12 months.
    • -Come off 6 months after return to duty.

    • Chronic B:
    • -Report sick 4 or more times in 12 months AND lose 40 or more workdays (not calendar days)
    • -Report sick 6 or more times in 12 months.
    • -Come off 9 months after return to duty.
  43. 205-08
    Trauma Counseling includes Civilian MOS
    • A MOS will be referred to Trauma Counseling Program when involved in a shooting, disaster or other violent occurrence resulting in death/injury including:
    • -MOS shot seriously injured
    • -MOS discharged weapon causing injury/death to another
    • -Member cause death/S.P.I. to another (accidentally or otherwise)
    • -Member directly involved in an incident where his partner was killed/seriously injured
    • -Member directly involved in incident /serious disasters w/ multiple DOA/serious injuries

    • Trauma Counseling will respond to all incidents involving:
    • -MOS shot or SILD in LOD
    • -Any incident as per a Capt or above

    • Trauma Counseling team is available to MOS, uniformed & civilian:
    • -Involved in personal or family tragedies

    • Desk Officer:
    • -Notify Operations & provide details

    • Ranking Supervisor at scene:
    • -Ensure members in need of counseling are available for interview, where possible, by Trauma Team upon arrival
    • -Provide suitable place for interview where possible

    • MOS:
    • -Cooperate & keep appointment w/ T.C.T.
    • -Report to Psych Service or other locations as required 48 hrs after incident or initial contact w/ Trauma Counselors

    • Follow-up Meetings:
    • -48 hrs after the event/initial contact as appropriate
    • -Any meetings after first will be scheduled 1 to 6 weeks after the incident
    • -All conversation are strictly confidential including civilians
  44. 209-24
    Mandatory Driver'sLicense Checks (I.O. 25 s.2012)
    • Vehicle Accident:
    • -With injury (visible or not)
    • -All if you have an MDT

    • Car Stop:
    • -No NYS License
    • -All if you have an MDT

    • Other:
    • -Which requires further investigation

    • MDT:
    • -If you don't have one, call for a car w/ one
    • -If you can't get one, go through radio
    • -If DMV down & circumstances don't warrant detention, release & make A/L entry w/ operator's name, address, phone #, DOB & Driver's License #
  45. 209-06
    Quality Control for "C" Summonses (I.O. 8 s.2010)
    • Desk Officer:
    • -You will get return date for C from Operations via Finest message along with COD
    • -Announce BOTH at roll call; return date for C and COD
    • -Give C summons return date to radio dispatcher w/ the rundown
    • -DON'T forward any C improperly prepared
    • -Invalid Return Date( Void)
    • -Information Section" either left blank or unsigned ( send to Trng Sgt)
    • -Marijuana summons w/ no attached "Supporting Deposition" (send to Trng Sgt)
    • -Loitering summons for one of the newly revoked sub. 1,3& 7 ( send to Ops Coor.)

    • Desk Officer (instructions for 'improperly prepared' summons)
    • -VOID if wrong return date
    • -Send to Trng. Sgt in envelope so marked if blank or unsigned "Information Section" on back of C summons or a Marihuana summons w/ no "Supporting Deposition" attached
    • -Send to Ops Coor. in envelopes so marked if for Loitering PL 240.35 sub. 1,3 & 7
  46. 207-21 Corruption Reporting
    Criminal Activity or "Other" Misconduct (including allegations) of any kind including: USE OF EXCESSIVE FORCE or PERJURY that is committed by a MOS (both) either ON or OFF DUTY
    • MOS:
    • -If a MOS receives a corruption complaint against oneself

    • Supervising Officer:
    • 1. Interview the complainant then
    • 2. Confer with IAB before you talk to the subject

    Otherwise, you have 2 choices;

    • 1. Call IAB Command Center
    • -Give facts & details
    • -If On Duty & Identifies himself IAB may ask MOS to Write a detailed report OR Request MOS to await the arrival of an investigator.
    • OR
    • -Can remain anonymous, ONLY IF info. is accurate & complete, Obtain a C.I.N. #

    • 2. Write to Chief of IAB
    • -Prepare a detailed report
    • -Identify yourself within 24 hrs, fax or mail direct to Hudson Street


    • Remain anonymous:
    • -No time frame, no fax mail to either; Chief of IAB OR PO Box 1001
  47. 208-38
    MOS Domestic Violence
    • Responding MOS:
    • -Obtain medical attention, if necessary
    • -Ascertain THE FACTS
    • -Ensure the P/S is responding

    • Patrol Supervisor:
    • -ALWAYS have DIR prepared
    • -Pink & Gold copies go to complainant
    • -ALWAYS apprise parties of Counseling
    • -If MOS is Victim OR, Cross Complainant OR Doubt about status of MOS (Compl/Victim)
    • -P/S will notify the CO/Duty Capt.

    • If No Offense is Alleged:
    • -Counsel parties involved & have a DIR prepared

    • P/S does NOT have to call the Capt for the 2 extremes:
    • 1. No Offense
    • 2. MOS is Perp (P/S calls the D/O who will call the Capt)


    • Patrol Supervisor:
    • -Direct a 61 be prepared & notify the desk officer, pct of occurrence

    • Desk Officer:
    • -Notify & confer with CO/DUTY CAPT
    • -Notify IAB & obtain LOG#
    • -Enter IAB # in details of DIR & 61
    • -ALSO enter IAB # in DIR Log under caption pct serial #
    • -IAB decides who investigates
    • -Direct that IAB be entered into DV database (include IAB Log #)
    • -Ensure Sprint # or CAD # (if Transit) are entered on DIR in caption Sprint #
    • -Prepare the UF-49 yourself
    • -49 x 7 + IF guns removed=49 x 8
    • -Chief of IAB (w/ original & canary copy of DIR)
    • -2 pct C.O.'s of Occ. & MOS's Cmd
    • -2 Investigations C.O.'s of Occ. & MOS's Cmd
    • -C.O. Medical Division
    • -C.O. EMD (fax immediately)
    • -If guns removed, Personnel Orders Section
    • FORWARD 49s in sealed envelope w/ copies of complaint Report & DIR
  48. 210-07
    Prisoners-Unusual Occurrences: Any prisoner; Any age IN OUR custody OR in the custody of Corrections who HAS NOT BEEN ARRAIGNED: A. C.O.D.E.S.
    A-Assault MOS

    • C-C.E.D. (New Taser: "Conducted Energy Device") is used to subdue
    • O-Other unusual
    • D-D. O. A.
    • E-Escape or Attempt
    • S-Suicide Attempt

    • For ALL six of these, the Desk Officer notifies:
    • -C.O./Duty Capt ALWAYS
    • -Operations w/ prisoner's name, sex & charge ALWAYS
    • BUT only for the bottom three does the D/O notify IAB
    • -IAB IF Prisoner: Dies, Attempts Suicide or Escape or Attempts
  49. 212-04 Crime Scene
    Patrol Supv./Det. request C.S.U. for: HARBOR
    • H-Homicide
    • A-Aggravated Assault w/ dangerous instrument AND victim is likely to die
    • R-Rape (forcible)
    • B-Burglary involving forced safe or circumvented alarm
    • O-Other crime in which the services of C.S.U. will assist the investigation
    • R-Robbery OR hijacking w/ injury caused by firearm
  50. 212-58 FIRE
    Desk Officer notifies Operations AND Patrol Borough if FRUITS are burning:
    • F-Forced entry by FD
    • R-Relocation of tenants
    • U-Unusual fire
    • I-Injury/Death
    • T-Three alarms or more
    • S-Suspicious fire

    • UMOS
    • -Permit the following persons or vehicles to enter fire line:
    • Persons:
    • •Mayor
    • •Public Service Corporation employees in performances of emergency duty
    • •Member of gov agencies in performances of duty
    • • holding unexpired working press cards & Fire Line cards signed by Fire Commish
    • Vehicles:
    • •Mayor's vehicle
    • •Public Service Corporation employees in performances of emergency duty
    • •City agency vehicles for duty in connection w/ fire
    • •US mail vehicles
    • •Prison vans x-porting prisoners
    • •Ambulances
  51. 212-77 Release Of Info To News Media
    Do not release the following:
    • Identity of Child if
    • -Under 16 taken into custody, UNLESS child is a Juvenile Offender
    • -Neglected or abuse child or child complainant is under 16

    • Sex Crimes
    • -Identity of a victim of a sex crime
    • -The location of occurrence where a sexual assault occurred if the location is the: victim's residence or residence of the perp, if not apprehended
    • -Info which indicates that a person has a Communicable Disease
    • -Info which indicates that a person is a Confidential Informant/Witness
    • -The address or telephone # of MOS, C/V & witness to a crime
    • -Info that may hinder the prosecution/jeopardize the safety of
  52. I.O. 24 s.2012
    SNEU Guideline
    • SNEU Supervisor:
    • -Confer w/ Narcotics Borough Sgt/Lt concerned prior to every enforcement operations
    • -Document notification on Supervisor's Daily Activity Worksheet & submit to SOL
    • -Debrief all SNEU prisoners AND pct narcotics related arrests, when available
    • Go by 212-68 C.I.s, when C.I. provides info that will be the basic of a search warrant
    • -For SNEU arrest, pct FIO, A/O and PDS should be present during debriefing to assist in developing info regarding drug trafficking & any other crimes

    • Operational Guidelines:
    • -Everyone' in uniform except cops in the O.P. / Everyone must be SNEU/Plainclothes trained prior
    • -Only A/O & Sgt get O.T. (Sgt only stays till vouchering is done & evidence is signed & sealed)
    • -FIELD TEST all MARIHUANA misd & violation arrests
    • -Must have at least 1 & 6 ALWAYS: If no boss w/ team, then no SNEU operation
    • -2 in O.P., 2 on apprehension team & 2 on prisoner security (P van)
    • -Any extra 'trained' cops first go to arrest process hen wherever the Sgt wants them
    • -Outside on the street only, no inside and NO BUY OPERATIONS!!
    • -61's recorded at OCCB for outside sales (kites) will be referred by the Narcotics Module C.O. to the pct SOL ( w/ permission of both C.O.'s) for targeting by the pct SNEU team
    • -Progress monitored by the pct Narcotics Management Team at weekly meetings
    • -You don't need a hospital car unless you are doing a warrant
    • -SNEU member may be temporarily assigned to NarcoticsModule for 30 days
  53. 218-21 (I.O. 34) Ro Tow
    What is NOT Ro-Tow:
    • C-Crime (use dept tow)
    • H-Highway (auth. tow or dept tow)
    • A-Arrest made (except photo release)
    • S-Safeguard (aided/accident)
    • E-Evidence (dept tow)
    • D-Determine True Owner

    • F-Forfeiture
    • I-Investigation
    • T-Truck (large)

    • D-Derelict (sanitation)
    • O-Owner on scene AND recovered prior to police
    • M-Moped ( limited use motorcycle)
  54. 218-35 (I.O. 47) Currency Required As Evidence
    •Don't Stamp: Bloody F.U.N.
    • B-Blood
    • F-Foreign (and forfeiture)
    • U-Unaltered (Must remain unaltered; treated w/ dye, fluorescent powder or marked)
    • N-Numismatic or Sentimental
  55. 218-04 Delivery to Lab
    •The forms & reports that must be attached to each item vary depending on the category;
    • Gun
    • -Req for Lab Exam
    • -PCI
    • -61 or Omni printout
    • -Finest printout

    • Drugs
    • -PCI
    • -OLBS if app.

    • DNA (SECK)
    • -Req for Lab Exam
    • -PCI
    • -OLBS if app.
    • -61 or Omni printout
    • -Bio-Hazard sticker

    • Criminalistics
    • -Req for Lab Exam
    • -PCI
    • -OLBS if app.
    • -61 or Omni printout
  56. 218-23 (I.O. 36) Processing Firearms & Firearms Related Evidence
    • Where do you mark the evidence?
    • Cartridge (whole bullet unfired)
    • •mark on the bullet portion
    • •Never on the bottom or the shell casing portion
    • •If it is too small or deformed, don't mark it

    • Fired Bullet
    • •mark on the bottom ONLY
    • •If it is too small or deformed, don't mark it

    • Discharged Shell Casing
    • •mark on inside ONLY
    • •firearm/magazine/silencers/=
    • Put initials & unique consecutive #
  57. 218-01 (I.O. 15) Property General
    • Property Categories:
    • -Arrest Evidence
    • -DNA Arrest Evidence
    • -Investigatory
    • -DNA Investigatory
    • -Forfeiture
    • -DOA Property
    • -Found Property
    • -Safekeeping
    • -Peddler Property
    • -Determine True Owner
    • -Parking Enforcement
    • -Photo Release
    • -Rotation Tow
    • -Other

    • Property Types:
    • -Firearms
    • -Controlled Substances
    • -Currency
    • -Jewelry
    • -Vehicles/Boats
    • -General Property
    • -Evidence Collection Kits/Swabs, Explosives
  58. 213-03 Rapid Mobilization
    • Patrol Supv:
    • -Call Level 1 Thru Radio
    • -Call Capt. If NEED Higher Level (Capt: Immediately respond)

    • Activating Supv:
    • -Tell Ops &
    • Boro Why (& Update Both)
    • -Designate Mobilization Plt & tell Radio of Plt & Route (make traffic posts for quick access)
    • -Get Security For Point & Staging Area
    • -Incident C/O Till Out-ranked, be prepared to brief ranking MOS

    If it goes to Level 2,3 or 4

    • Desk Officer (including Housing:
    • -Stage, Inspect & Supply responders with a Van & send them to the mobilization point
    • -Except Transit, they just go by train

    • Transit:
    • -D/O notifies affected patrol cops of which TB facility to respond to
    • -Have them respond BY TRAIN to facility
    • -D/O notifies Cmd Post of personnel available at facility
    • -Supv. at Cmd Post communicates with TB units that don't have citywide on their radios

    • Transit & Housing
    • -Level 3 only cover their own turf
    • -Level 4 go wherever needed
  59. I.O. 46 s.2012 Inspection of PawnBrokers
    • •Pawnbrokers & second-hand dealers are required to report all articles pawned, purchased, or sold either by maintaining a "Second Hand Article Store Log, or via the Electronic Reporting System which is a confidential internet system where they may record inventory & transactions.
    • •Dealers using Electronic System are exempt from filling out & preserving the log.

    • UMOS designated as liaison with liaison with pawnbrokers & second-hand dealers in the pct:
    • •In all cases give them copy of "Instructions To Dealers In Second hand Article"
    • •If not using electronic system, give them Second Hand Article Store Log
    • •Visit each store at least once every 10 DAYS, & sign next unused transaction receipt in Log.
    • •Remove pct. Det. Sqd. (pink) copy of completed transactions from Log if applicable, & immediately deliver to pct. Det. Sqd. commander/ Supervisor

    • Field Intelligence Officer (FIO):
    • • Monitor Electronic Reporting System on WEEKLY basis, paying particular attention to repeated transactions by an individual, or other signs indicative of criminal behavior
    • •Give "Persons of Interest" list generated by Electronic Reporting System to appropriate units

    • Crime Prevention Officer:
    • • Review (above) list & routinely visit pawnbrokers in pct.
    • •Encourage use of Electronic Reporting System among stores maintaining manual records
    • •Monitor Electronic Reporting System to ensure that store are uploading data on a DAILY basis
    • •Ensure integrity of entries made by pawnbroker (whether electronic or in Log)
    • •Request to see last TWENTY articles purchased or pawned by pawnbroker
    • •Compare those articles to description listed in Log/Electronic database
    • •Give special attention to serial # or IMEI # (cell phone) on the articles, if any

    • Additional Data:
    • •These inspections are to uncover administrative violations-not to uncover criminal activity
    • •Criminal intelligence regarding a pawnbroker should be reported as per PG 212-12, "Citywide Intelligence Reporting System," AND notify the SOL & pct. Det. Sqd. Commander
  60. 215-02 Lost Child
    • UMOS:
    • •(1st Step) Notify D/O AND Radio dispatcher
    • •(2nd Step) Make brief inquiry in vicinity of place where found
    • •Bring child to cmd if relative not located
    • •Prepare Aided Report

    • Desk Officer:
    • •Call Missing Persons Squad w/ description
    • •Subsequently notify MPS if child is moved to another location
    • •Complete captions on Aided Report & process
    • •Assign female UMOS if available to watch child in cmd or other available UMOS when necessary
    • •Notify Youth Officer
    • •If child not claimed in reasonable time, notify ACS to send rep. for xport to shelter
    • •If ACS can't xport, assign a female UMOS, if a available or other available UMOS to escort child to shelter
    • •In cases that could involve abuse, neglect, maltreatment or abandonment:
    • •Prepare S.C.A.M. report
    • •Notify PDS if child is 11 years or older
    • •Notify SVU if child under 11 years old (or allegations of sex crime & vic is less than 13 years old)
    • Only Bk & Qns have Child Abuse Sqd
  61. 216-19 Public Access Defibrillation Program
    (I.O. 38 s.2012)
    • D/O:
    • -Account for AEDs assigned to cmd at start of each tour
    • -Assign at start of tour to qualified member & notify Radio of units assigned AEDs
    • -Record accounting & notification to radio in cmd log
    • -Prefix AED serial # w/ AED
    • -When not in use, secure in appropriate location
    • -Ensure assignment of AED is documented on the roll call
    • -After AED is used & cop gives you the Aided, call ESU Desk
    • -Get AED/CPR log # & enter it on upper right of the Aided report
    • -Fax & Mail copies of Aided report to ESU-AED Coord.
    • -Schedule appt. & ensure AED is delivered to ESU-AED Coord.
    • -Ensure AED is secured until delivery & is not reassigned

    • UMOS:
    • -Inspect AED & kit
    • -Notify D/O of any deficiencies/missing equipment & make appropriate A/L entries
    • -Advise radio of aided's condition & request response of EMS to scene
    • -Only attach AED to; Adult, Unconscious, NOT breathing, NO pulse
    • -Provide care until relieved by advanced medical personnel
    • -Brief EMS crew of details
    • -Prepare Aided report & give to D/O immediately upon return to cmd
    • -Note in "Details" of Aided if AED was used, or CPR administered & results achieved
    • -If AED placed on aided, whether you shock or not, it's considered USED
    • -CPR is considered performed if chest compressions or mouth to mouth is given

    • Training Sgt:
    • -Act as liaison w/ ESU for AED
    • -Schedule AED training thru Chief of Patrol's Resource Management Sec or Bureau Training Coor.

    • •Loss or theft of AED or related equipment =follow 219-20
    • •Replace supplies=call ESU AED Coor.
    • •Questions regarding training issues=call PA
    • •Someone wants to donate an AED=check w/ ESU first
  62. 207-19 Thefts From Dept Lockers
    -This procedure includes attempted break-ins to Dept lockers.
    -Secure lockers with a combination type padlock without a serial #
    • MOS:
    • -Report facts to the D/O

    • D/O:
    • -Notify C/O/ Duty Capt
    • -Notify IAB Command Center & obtain a log #
  63. I.O. 52 s.2012 (208-37)
    Order of Protection Served on MOS
    • UMOS:
    • -When notified you are the subject of any OOP notify C/O immediately
    • -If cmd not open notify IAB, cmd center (get log#)- except CMOS
    • -And notify Operations Unit (Ops will send the Duty Capt)
    • -CMOS notify C/O "immediately" NOT IAB, civilian's C/O will notify IAB
    • -If complainant/petitioner in OOP case, MUST notify C/O

    • If ordered to report to Employee Management Division, Performance Analysis Section:
    • -Report immediately or 0900-1800 next business day you are scheduled to work, as appropriate

    • FINAL O.O.P.
    • -Members who are the recipients of Final OOP prohibiting firearms possession at all times (on/off duty) will be given the opportunity to apply to the issuing court for a modification of the Order to allow the member to posses firearms while on duty.
    • -If the member is unable to have Final OOP modified, or declines to seek such modifications within six months from date of issuance, the member will be subject to termination from the Dept if the member has not retired, vested or resigned.
  64. I.O. 53 (206) OOP Prohibiting UMOS from Carrying Firearms Off-Duty
    -When a UMOS is served with an OOP prohibiting off-duty firearms possession only, & the member is to be continued on full duty status

    • Desk Officer/Supv at UMOS' permanent Cmd:
    • -Assist C/O/Duty Capt in determining if all firearms owned/possessed have been surrendered.
    • -Check member's Force Record (10 card)
    • -Notify Police Academy, Firearm & Tactics Section & request records check regarding member's firearm ownership.
    • -Arrange to obtain additional firearms as necessary.
    • -Have firearms, other than service & authorized off-duty weapons, vouchered for safekeeping
    • -Ensure "Remarks" section of voucher includes the following statement: "Property of a UMOS- not to be returned without written authorization of C/O, Performance Analysis Section" (ensure UMOS receives a copy of the voucher)
    • -Direct member to report to EMD, Performance Analysis Section.

    • UMOS:
    • -Report EMD, Performance Analysis Section w/ all of the following: Full duty ID card, Original copy of Acknowledge Of Responsibilities Concerning Court Order Limiting Firearms Possession, Copy of report prepared by C/O..Duty Capt., Copy of voucher for firearms, if applicable
    • -Report to Shield Unit & ID Card Unit & obtain a "No Firearm" ID Card

    • Daily Routine:
    • -Deliver service weapon, authorized off-duty weapon, full duty ID Card, shield to D/O prior to signing EOT.
    • -Retrieve "No Firearm" ID Card from D/O.

    • Desk Officer/Supv at UMOS' permanent Cmd:
    • -Make a cmd log entry & safeguard items in designated locations.

    • When OOP Expires or is vacated
    • UMOS:
    • -Notify C/O who directs you to EMD, Performance Analysis Section w/ those 2 ID Cards AND Copy of expired/vacated OOP AND Copy of report from C/O..Duty Capt
    • -Not permitted to carry off-duty until C/O gets authorization from C/O, Performance Analysis Section
    • -Report, when directed, to Property Clerk Office w/ "Full Duty" ID Card, copy of voucher and Original of report from C/O, Performance Analysis Section authorizing return of all firearms
  65. 212-39 Vehicle Pursuits
    • UMOS (Primary Vehicle):
    • -Initiate stop if feasible
    • -Determine necessity:
    • -Nature of offense
    • -Time of day, weather
    • -Location & population density
    • -Capability of Dept vehicle
    • -Familiarity with the area
    • -Notify Dispatcher at start of pursuit
    • -Do not depress key unnecessarily
    • -Use brief & normal tones
    • -Do not use "constant" on the siren
    • -Tell dispatcher of direction change w/ last location, speed & direction
    • -Tell dispatcher if vehicle lost or pursuit terminated

    • P/S (pct of occurrence):
    • -Direct & control the pursuit & apprehension efforts
    • -Monitor transmissions
    • -Keep dispatcher informed of location
    • -Limit involvement & control radio use of other units
    • -Request other units respond to strategic locations
    • -Coordinate search of area where vehicle was last observed

    • UMOS- Secondary Vehicle:
    • -Acknowledge assignment as secondary vehicle
    • -Allow at least 5 car lengths distance from primary vehicle
    • -Do not pass primary vehicle unless: Requested by that unit, Other circumstances exist(accident mechanical)

    • P/S (pct of originating pursuit):
    • -Immediately after pursuit prepare VEHICLE PURSUIT REPORT
    • -Forward to C/O, pct originating pursuit

    • Those engaged in Vehicle Pursuits Shall Not:
    • Prohibited tactics:
    • -Vehicle shall not caravan behind pursuing vehicles
    • -Ramming
    • -Driving alongside pursued vehicle
    • -Placing moving Dept vehicle in position to be stuck by pursued vehicle
    • -Roadblocks unless specifically directed by a Supv.
    • -Dept vans & scooters will not be used in pursuit
    • -Unmarked vehicles will limit pursuits
    • -Two wheel motorcycles will limit pursuit & terminate when 4 wheel dept auto has joined pursuit

    • Close Pursuit:
    • -Only primary & secondary vehicles
    • -Additional units may be requested by primary vehicles /supervisor for safety reasons
    • -Terminate if necessary (P/S)
    • -If pursuit initiated by other that patrol services bureau personnel immediate supervisor of those officers will perform P/S duties ..ex: Housing /Transit
  66. 214-12 Unlawful Evictions (I.O. 39 s.12) Residential ONLY
    • Dwelling Unit:
    • -Any residential accommodation in a building EXCEPT a hospital, asylum, convent, monastery, Housing Auth. Property

    • Legitimate Occupancy:
    • -Is occupied pursuant to a lease
    • -Lawfully occupied for 30 consecutive days or more
    • -Hotel SRO & occupant requests lease
    • -Sublet tenant (tenant who sublets is considered an owner)

    • Unlawful Evictions: force, violence, denial of essential service, other serious bldng/Heath Code violation
    • -Threat of force
    • -Interrupt/deny essential service(heat, water, electricity)
    • -Remove possessions
    • -Remove/disable/change entrance door or lock

    • Enforcement Action:
    • -Summons if victim permitted to re-enter & eviction was not by physical obstruction
    • -Arrest if victim not allowed re-entry or eviction done by physical obstruction
    • -Changing the locks & not giving a key IS physical obstruction
    • -Refusal to turn on the heat or water is NOT physical obstruction

    • Summons:
    • -Separate summons for each offense
    • -Since complainant is a civilian, on bottom front of the summons, replace; "Complainant" with "Officer" & draw a line thorough the statement; "I personally observed..."
    • -Put name, address, phone# of complainant on the bottom of the back of the original copy of summons
    • -Make summons returnable to summons Adjudication Part of Manhattan Criminal Ct., if issued in Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, or Queens. If issued in Staten Island, S.I. Criminal Ct.
    • -Schedule Return dates at least 21 days from the date summons is issued on the week indicated, according to the borough where violations occurred: NYC & BX= TUES
    • S.I.=1st WED of the month
    • -Complete & SIGN "Complainant/Info" section w/ details of violations
    • -Personally serve violator w/ Criminal Ct. (pink) copy of summons

    • Arrest:
    • -Just an OLBS, no 61, no fingerprints
    • -Bring violator to Criminal Ct. for "prompt arraignment"-NO DAT

    • Victims unable to get temporary housing:
    • -Refer to NYC Dept of Homeless Services
  67. 219-21 Lost/Stolen Firearm, Shield, ID Card
    • UMOS:
    • -Notify D/O pct of occurrence immediately
    • -If loss occurred in resident counties notify D/O as follows:
    • •Nassau or Suffolk notify D/O 105 pct
    • •Westchester, Putnam, Orange, Rockland, notify D/O 50 pct
    • -if loss occurred outside residence counties, notify Operations Unit DIRECT & have local PD send a FINEST ntfd to our dept
    • -Prepare Part "A" of loss form ( If out of city, either D/O @ 105/50 pct does this or Ops unit)
    • -Report loss to C/O at first opportunity

    • D/O:
    • -Make Cmd log entry
    • -If member from another cmd, send transcript of cmd log entry to member's C/O
    • -Notify C/O..Duty Capt & Operations Unit immediately
    • -Prepare Part "B" (& possibly Part "A" too, depending)
    • -Ensure a complaint report is finalized & an alarm is transmitted IF loss occurred within NYC
    • -If loss occurred outside city DON'T prepare 61 OR Transmit alarm: Instead make Telephone Record and/or Cmd log entry
    • -Notify IAB & get log#(enter in details of 61, or if no 61 prepared, in the Telephone Record)

    • If loss occurs outside city:
    • Loss in resident counties:
    • -D/O 105 or 50 pct prepares Part A & B

    • Loss Outside resident counties:
    • -Operations member prepares part A & B

    • MOS Concerned:
    • -Report to C/O, EMD for New Shield/ ID
    • -Report back to cmd & have clerical new shield # on 10 card
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