Act 2 Scene 2

  1. Act 2, Scene 2 - Opening Line
    (Outside of porch door) I've just about got it ... no ... Yes! Come on! We're in! (enter) ... Brace yourselves, girls. It's not a pretty sight.
  2. VERNADETTE: Well, I agree you're no beauty queen, but you've probably looked worse.
    (notice Vern is heading toward the kitchen and not the bathroom) (Loudly) Vern? (louder) Vernadette?
  3. VERNADETTE: Yeah?
    (still loud) Don't you need to go to the bathroom?
  4. VERNADATTE: Of course I do. And quit shouting. I'm incontinent, not deaf.
    But that's the kitchen, dear.
  5. VERNADETTE: Has it always been?
    Well, it has been for the last fifty years. (redirects her) Right through there. (pause) And call if you need help, unless you want me to come with you.
  6. VERNADETTE: No thanks. There's only seatin' for one.
    (X toward window) Hey, come on! You're missing' the view.
  7. LEXIE: Kinda makes me want to take up jogging again.
    (XDS to Lexie) You never cease to amaze me.
  8. LEXIE: Where on earth did you learn to pick a lock like that?
    At the convent, of course. Nuns may be known for their good works, but they are absolutely notorious for losing their keys. (after Lexie starts her line, XU to bedrooms)
  9. LEXIE: If these walls could talk, wouldn't we all be in trouble.
    (gesture toward Lexie, DL) Well, some of us might be. (gesture toward wall, to my right) Look, there's that dent in the wall where you threw your coffee cup that morning. That must've been six or seven years ago.
  10. LEXIE: Although, as I recall, your gratitude for my heroism was underwhelming.
    (XR to couch) That's because we were more scared of your aim than we were of the spider. (sit on right side of couch)
  11. LEXIE: Hard to believe this old place will soon be gone forever.
    But we never missed an August. (start fanning myself) And haven't we been darned lucky to have had this view to ourselves for so long? ... My stars, it always surprises me how hot it can get down here.
  12. LEXIE: I've got to get Vernadette to take her jacket off before the poor thing melts.
    My goodness. She even forgets to do the little things?
  13. Yes. ... considering how hard Vernadette's life has been, memory loss could be a real plus.
    (Pat Lexie's arm) You're an absolute angel for taking her in.
  14. LEXIE: ... I thought what better time to take a roommate?
    (Pat Lexie's leg or hand) Well, I can't tell you how much I admire you for doing it.
  15. LEXIE: Does them a world of good.
    Oh, and do their wives mind?
  16. LEXIE: She said when she's swimming nothing hurts and she feels like she's twenty years old again.
    Wow, that makes you want to get back into the pool, doesn't it? (after Vern enters and Lexie stands, XR to bar)
  17. VERNADETTE: I thought I was too old to be having a hot flash.
    (Check watch.) Golly, wasn't she supposed to be here by now? (turn to my left, toward L & V and window)
  18. LEXIE: It's the first summer we won't all be together.
    (X R to Lexie and cry if possible) Somehow I thought none of us would ever....(hug Lexie). Hard to believe there are only four of us left now.
  19. VERNADETTE: How many of us did there used to be?
    There were five of us, Vern.
  20. (sound of car door slamming)
    (XR in front of V & L to door) Oh good. She finally made it. (open door for Sheree)
  21. LEXIE: We were starting to wonder about you.
    Didn't lose your way after all these years, did you, Sheree? (hug Sheree)
  22. SHEREE: It's a strange feeling knowing we won't be coming back here.
    Yeah, it's just not right without Dinah. (then XUR and look out window)
  23. LEXIE: Of course, I'm not disappointed. Surprised is more like it.
    (XDL to Lexie) Lexie, I have to tell you again how beautiful your eulogy was at Dinah's service.
  24. LEXIE: Thanks. It was the least I could do for her after all she'd done for me.
    (XD to Lexie's R) Dinah did a lot for all of us. It still floors me she established the swimming scholarship at Pemberton.
  25. SHEREE: The whole time Dinah had it locked in.
    She did love this cottage.
  26. VERNADETTE: The bathroom works. Why don't we just stay here.
    (XR in front of L & S to Vern on my right) Because they're just about to tear down this place, dear. And really I guess it's time to let it go. It wouldn't be the same without all five of us here together.
  27. SHEREE: We each get our own bedroom, and the kitchen is huge, with a big double sink.
    Oh, (look at the kitchen door) remember the summer the kitchen sink overflowed the minute we got here and didn't stop for an hour? We used all the towels in the cottage and half our clean clothes to mop up.
  28. VERNADETTE: Wait. Aren't you...the nun?
    Not anymore.
  29. VERNADETTE: Bet I know why.
    Vern, do you remember you're the one who cut Kenny's umbilical cord?
  30. VERNADETTE: On purpose?
    Yes. You muscled your way into the delivery room and when it came time, you stepped right up like a champ and did the honors.
  31. SHEREE: While the rest of us sat in the waiting room and polished off what was left in Dinah's flask.
    (take a step forward, DS) Well, I can't tell y'all how happy it makes me to announce that our little baby boy is getting married.
  32. LEXIE: You don't mean it!
    Yes, ma'am, I do. And to an older woman, of course.
  33. LEXIE: Ladies, this could be the start of something big.
    Like what?
  34. SHEREE: Carl and I are hitting the road in our new RV. Anybody want to join us?
    You know,Brice and I would be right there with you,  if it didn't sound so gosh darn awful. (Put arm around Vern and XUL to window.)
  35. VERNADETTE: The water looks like it goes on forever.
    It sure does.
  36. SHEREE: Haven't we had fun?
    (all turn to front)
  37. LEXIE: Nothing's meant more than this.
    Best times of my life.
  38. SHEREE:...Since I'm executor of Dinah's estate, we're here to fulfill her final wish. Dinah's here with us.
    (XDS, to Sheree's left) Of course she is, dear. And she always will be.
  39. SHEREE: No, I mean, Dinah's here.
    Oh, my. (take the tote from Sheree when she gives it to me)
  40. LEXIE: A martini shaker!? How perfect!
    She would love it!
  41. SHEREE: Oh, it was always the perfect fit for Dinah. Girls?
    (put hand on shaker, then LEXIE and VERNADETTE) The faster we swim the sooner we win!
  42. SHEREE: Alright, ladies, let's hit the beach.
    (to front) You know, the first time we all met Dinah it was in the water. (to Lexie and Vern to my right) I think it's only appropriate we say goodbye to her there.
  43. VERNADETTE: Have I had a nice life?
    (SHEREE, LEXIE and I share a look.)
  44. LEXIE: Of course I will. Here we go.
    (look to left, up, to right, to SHEREE) You coming?
  45. SHEREE: Sure, I just need a second.
    (nod and X to porch door; turn right toward audience) You know, if we had our bathing suits, we could take a swim. (exit through screen door)
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