Chief of Detective Notices Detective exam 2016

  1. Notice 8.4 / Chief of Detectives
    Cellular Tracking Requests.
    Employees shall NOT contact phone Cos. Which department entity shall contact the phone companies directly to initiate cellular telephone tracking??????   ____   Who is the exception?
    Major Crimes Division.

    • Except:  employees working in a federal task force.
    • This notice  does not affect "Historical cell telephone data"
  2. Notice 1.8 Chief of Detectives.
    Cross reference of Coroner's case number should be done with the associated DR number in CCAD.  The EXCEPTION IS:
    Homicide is the exception where "NO BODY" is found, the DR shall be used in the field in place of the coroner's case number.
  3. Notice 8.6: Chief of Detectives.Procedures for requesting Serology /DNA Analysis.

    The I/O will complete the request no later than ________ busienss days from teh date the evidense is booked for all Sexual assaults (stranger/person in position of trust, or wehre the susp has a history of similar allegations).  
    For all other cases the I/O will ensure the RSDA is completed within ____ days from the date the evidence is booked
    • 5 business days
    • 20 calendar days
  4. Notice 8.6: Chief of Detectives.
    Procedures for requesting Serology /DNA Analysis.
    * All requests should be forwarded to which unit/division?
    Robbery Homicide Division (RHD) via request for serology/DNA analysis (RSDA) 12.56.00
  5. A _________ must be completed when an employee clears a crime in CCAD. It must be completed and approved identifying the case status: (___  ___  ___ or ___)
    • 3.14
    • CO - cleared other
    • CA - cleared by Arrest
    • U- unfounded
    • IC - inv continued
  6. Notice 1.8 Clearance and Reassignment of Homicides in CCAD.
    What does the Homicide Detective Coordinator must do in order to reassign a Homicide case to a specialized Division (RHD, juvenile)
    • - Must obtain concurrence from the C/O of the specialized unit
    • - complete a 3.14 f/u and 
    • - Update the Assigned Inestigative Unit (AIU) field in CCAD
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