MCB 161 Lec 4 Somatosensory system: touch

  1. How is location represented in the somatosensory system?
    Using sensory maps
  2. What are the two key ideas for the sensory 'homunculus'?
    • There's a map of the body surface on the surface of the cerebral cortex
    • Certain areas of the body (face, hands) occupy disproportionately more room in the cortex
  3. Explain the sensory 'homunculus'
    Areas that need high spacial resolution (ex fingertips) have a denser primary afferent innervation, and a correspondingly larger representation in the cerebral cortex
  4. In what kind of mammals do sensory maps exist?
    All mammals
  5. What are other evidence for a sensory map in the cortex?
    • Jacksonian seizures
    • Patients with stroke or brain trauma that have focal deficits in sensation from the body surface
  6. What are Jacksonian seizures?
    Progressive 'march' of involuntary movements across the body surface
  7. What is the fundamental principle
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MCB 161 Lec 4 Somatosensory system: touch
MCB 161 Lec 4 Somatosensory system: touch