Chapter 1 DDR You Try It

  1. Answer the following questions by providing a list of organizations and their contact information. If you wanted information about hurricanes, who could you contact? If you needed details about the impacts of earthquakes, who could assist you? If you need to learn more about volcanic hazards, what government agency could assist you? If you needed to better understand tornadoes, who could answer your questions? What if you needed to better comprehend hazardous materials incidents? Who could provide such information? What about terrorism? Who could help you understand terrorist behavior better?
  2. Suppose your community was affected by a tornado. What are the possible consequences of this hazard if it interacts with human vulnerability? What would you need to do to respond? What considerations should be taken into account for recovery?
  3. You are the emergency manager for New Orleans. Hurricane Katrina has just struck your community. What are the hazards? Are the hazards related? If so, how? What are the implications of compound or na-tech hazards?
  4. Disasters result in a great deal of change. WHat are some of the changes you can expect? Are these good or bad? How would they impact your job as an emergency manager? Why is it important to be aware of them?
  5. What are the agent-generated demands, response-generated demands, normalcy-generated demands, mitigation-generated demands, and preparedness-generated demands? Make a list of the demands placed on you and categorize them. How do these impact your job as an emergency manager? Do they present difficulties for you? How could you overcome them?
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Chapter 1 DDR You Try It
Chapter 1 DDR You Try It Spring 2016