Chapter 1 DDR Applying This Chapter Questions

  1. After responding to a major apartment fire in Boise, Idaho, you become aware of the fact that a sprinkler system would have prevented much of the damage. How can you link recovery activities to the goals of mitigation?
  2. Suppose you are expecting the arrival of a hurricane in Charleston, South Carolina. What hazards might be present along the coast, and how would they interact with each other? Give two examples.
  3. A terrorist has just blown up a courthouse in Seattle, Washington. What changes might occur when this takes place? What can you as an emergency manager do to effectively deal with the unique challenges associated with such a disaster?
  4. The mayor and city manager in Birmingham, Alabama, are questioning you about the value of your position in the government. Explain what types of disasters could occur in your city and justify the need for response and recovery operations.
  5. A flood has destroyed many homes and businesses in Greenville, Mississippi. How can you help your community recover from disaster while also promoting the necessary changes to prevent a recurrence in the future?
  6. As an emergency manager, you are frequently invited to speak to various organizations in your community. While discussion the goals of response and recovery to a group of Boy Scouts, one of those in attendance asks, "What is resilience?" How would you define it to the young man and explain why it is necessary to pursue after disaster strikes?
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Chapter 1 DDR Applying This Chapter Questions
Chapter 1 DDR Applying This Chapter Questions Spring 2016