1. Cerrar stem change
    cierrar (to close)
  2. Comenzar stem change
    Comienzar (a) (to begin)
  3. empezar stem change
    empiezar (a) (to begin)
  4. Entender Stem change
    Entiender (to understand)
  5. Pensar de Stem change
    Piensar de (to think of)/have an opinion about
  6. Pensar en Stem Change
    piensar en (to think about) to consider
  7. Perder Stem change
    Pieder (to lose)
  8. Preferir stem change
    Prieferir (to prefer)
  9. Querer Steam Change
    Quierer (to want/love)
  10. Sentir Steam Change
    Sientir (to feel)
  11. Contar Steam Change
    Cuetar (to tell, to relate, to count
  12. Dormir Steam change
    Duemir (to sleep)
  13. Encontrar Stem change
    Encuentrar (to find)
  14. Jugar Steam change
    Juegar (to play)
  15. Poder Steam change
    Pueder (to be able to)
  16. Sonar Steam Change
    Suenar (to ring, to go off) (Phone alarm clock ect.)
  17. Soñar (con) Steam Change
    Sueñar (con) (to dream about)
  18. Volver Steam change
    Vuelver (to return)
  19. Pedir Steam change
    Pidir (to ask for something)
  20. Repetir Steam change
    Repitir (to repeat)
  21. Servir Steam change
    Sirvir (to serve)
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