1. life review
    when person calls up, reflects on and reconsiders past exp., contemplating their meaning with the goal of achieving greater self understanding
  2. benefits of religious involvement
    helps older adults manage to accept declines and losses, yet still feel whole and complete
  3. 2 types of events that prompt suicide late in life
    losses- retirement from a highly valued occupation, widowhood or social isolation

    chronic/terminal illness- which may severly reduce physical functioning or cause intense pain
  4. 5 risk factors that contribute to elder abuse
    • dependency of the victim
    • depend. on the perpetrator
    • psycological disturbance and stress of the perp.
    • hx. of family violence
    • instituional conditions
  5. succesful aging and characteristics
    - when gains are maximized and losses minimized

    • -remained in reasonably good healt
    • -coped well with negative life changes
    • -enjoyed happy intimate/other relationships
    • daily lives filled with gratifying activities
  6. prospective memory
    remembering to engage in planned actions in the future
  7. cerebrovascular dementia
    a series of small storkes that leave areas of dead brain cells producing step by step degeneration of mental ability
  8. 4 factors that prevent against alzheimers
    • 1- diet
    • 2- education
    • 3- active lifestyle
    • 4-intensity and variety of physical activity
  9. maximum lifespan
    genetic limit to length of life for a person free of external risk factors
  10. primary aging and secondary aging
    primary-when age related declines in the functioning of organs and sysyems that take place even in the context of good health

    secondary-declines due to hereditary defects and negative enviromental influences such as poor diet, lack of excercise,disease,substance abuse and pscychological stress.
  11. 4 sx. besides memory loss and personality changes associated with alzheimers
    • 1- skilled and purposful movements disintergrate
    • 2-sleep is interrupted
    • 3-lose ability to comprehend and produce speech
    • 4- may become vulnerable to diseases
  12. characteristics of elders who arrive with a sense of integrity
    it involves coming to terms with ones life

    adults who feel a sense of integrity feel whole, complete and satisfied with their achievments
  13. how problem centered coping helps older adults adjust to physical changes of late life
    exchange ideas with others in same situation--this helps them adapt more to everyday challenges

    • --may rely on sound for recognition
    • --act more cautiously in risky situations
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