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  1. What is effective supervision?
    • Expectations
    • Accountability
  2. What are the common manpower categories?
    • Active Duty
    • GS (General Schedule)
    • Contractor
  3. Where do you find the roles and responsibilities for a civilian employee?
    Core Personnel Document
  4. If you have an issue with a contractor, where should you go?
  5. What three things make up "Whole Airman" Concept?
    • Enlisted PME
    • Education
    • Volunteerism
  6. List the three Enlisted Professional Military Educations (PME) in order they are completed?
    • Airmen Leadership School (ALS)
    • Non-commissioned Officer Academy (NCOA)
    • Senior non-commissioned Officer Academy
  7. List three requirements for MSC to upgrade to 41A3?
    • 1.  Complete HSA
    • 2.  1 year experience
    • 3.  Endorsement of Senior MSC (Medical Group Administrator)
  8. List the three Officer Professional Military Education (PME) in the order that they are completed:
    • Primary Development Education - SOS
    • Intermediate Development Education - Air Command and Staff College
    • Senior Development Education - Air War College
  9. What are two types of counseling?
    Directive and nondirective
  10. When is feedback required?
    • Initial: 60 days
    • Mid-term: Midway between the date supervision begins and the projected closeout of the next EPR/OPR
    • Follow-up:  within 60 days of the closeout of the report
    • Upon Request:  within 30 days of request
  11. Where are bullets used?
    • OPR
    • EPR
    • PRF

    note:  NOT IN Feedback
  12. Identify command MSC AFSC variations and the position that they indicate:
    • M41A3:  Board Certified
    • T41A3:  Instructor
    • R41A3:  Readiness Planner
    • 41A4:  Staff Position
  13. Who is the best person to first contact when you have MSC officer career questions?
    SGA (or senior MSC)
  14. List keys to officer promotion success:
    • Know when you are up for promotion
    • Complete appropriate PME
    • Review your records often
    • Complete your board certification
    • Complete your masters degree
  15. What are each of the following websites:
    1.  myPers
    2.  Personnel Records Display Application (PRDA)
    3.  Assignment Management System (AMS)
    4.  Airmen Development Plan (ADP)
    • myPers:  Personnel Guidance (gateway to next three)
    • Personnel Records Display Application (PRDA):  OPRs, decorations
    • Assignment Management System (AMS):  SURF, requirements, requisitions
    • Airmen Development Plan (ADP):  Assignment preference, career plan
  16. What is the difference between leadership and management?
    • Leadership provides direction
    • Management executes the mission
  17. Why is mentorship important?
    Helps you develop leaders
  18. Use of HFMEA, why use it?
    • Aimed at prevention of tragedy
    • Find inefficiencies/waste
    • Does not require previous bad experience or close call
    • Makes system more robust
  19. HFMEA Defined:  Prospective assessment that
    identifies and improves steps in a process thereby reasonably ensuring a safe and clinically desirable outcome.  HFMEA is a systematic approach to identify and prevent product and process problems before they occur.
  20. Failure Mode:
    Different ways that a process or sub-process can fail to provide the anticipated result.
  21. HFMEA Process
    Step 1:
    Step 2:
    Step 3:
    Step 4:
    Step 5:
    • Step 1:  Define Topic
    • Step 2:  Assemble Team
    • Step 3:  Graphically Describe the Process
    • Step 4:  Conduct the Analysis
    • Step 5:  Identify Actions and Outcome Measures
  22. Conduct the Analysis:
    • A.  List failure modes
    • B.  Determine Severity & Probability
    • C.  Use the Decision Tree
    • D.  List all failure mode causes
  23. If ______  ________ ________ already exist for hazard, STOP
    If effective control measures already exist for hazard, STOP.
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