Chapter 7 DDR

  1. After-action report
    A document that describes what went right and what adjustments you will need to make in the future.
  2. Cash Donations
    Financial contributions to disaster organizations or the victims themselves.
  3. Donations Management
    The receipt, sorting, storing, and distribution of goods and monies for the benefit of victims during response and recovery operations.
  4. In-kind Donations
    Physical items such as supplies, equipment, food, etc.
  5. Media
    People and news organizations that provide information about disasters to the public.
  6. Needs Assessment
    An evaluation of what supplies or services are required in the aftermath of a disaster.
  7. Public Information Officers
    Members of a department that have special skills in dealing with the media.
  8. Spontaneous or Unaffiliated Volunteers
    People that engage in response and recovery efforts with no thought of payment; their efforts are directed toward the benefit of victims, first responders, emergency managers, and the community at large.
  9. Unmet needs committee
    A group of government leaders, concerned citizens, business representatives, and nonprofit organizations who join forces to help collect donations to address long-term needs of disaster victims.
  10. Volunteer Management
    The process of including volunteers in post-disaster operations in such a way as to harness their contributions and avoid their negative impact.
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