Chapter 6 DDR

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  1. Cribbing
    Wood stacked under debris to stabilize it after it has been lifted by a lever.
  2. Critical Incident Stress (CIS)
    Unusual work stress resulting from any trauma, crisis, or event that overwhelms available coping mechanisms of emergency service personnel.
  3. Debriefing
    An extensive discussion about one's feelings regarding a traumatic stress experience such as a disaster.
  4. Defusings
    Short, unstructured meetings that encourage a brief discussion of the events in order to reduce acute stress.
  5. Disaster Medical Assistance Team (DMAT)
    A group of private citizens that is activated to process the deceased in mass fatality disasters.
  6. Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team (DMORT)
    A group of private citizens that are activated under the National Response Plan to deal with mass fatality incidents.
  7. Levers
    Long pieces of wood (2x4) used to lift debris off of people.
  8. Mass Fatality Incident
    Any situation where there are more bodies than can be handled using local resources.
  9. National Urban Search and Rescue Response
    A system made up of 28 FEMA USAR Task Forces that are spread throughout the continental United States.
  10. PTSD
    A clinical diagnosis that signifies deep stress that is sometimes debilitating resulting from a traumatic event.
  11. Search and Rescue Operations
    Response activities undertaken to find disaster victims are remove them from danger or confinement so they may receive urgent treatment such as hydration, basic first aid, or advanced medical care.
  12. Triage
    An initial assessment and separation of victims for treatment based on the severity of their injuries.
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