Chapter 5 DDR

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  1. Disaster Plan
    A document that describes how the jurisdiction might respond to a disaster.
  2. Emergency Alert System (EAS)
    A warning system that requires all media providers to comply with any requests from national officials to communicate to the public in the face of an emergency.
  3. Emergency Operations Center (EOC)
    A central location where leaders can gather information, discuss options, make decisions, disseminate policy, mobilize resources, and communicate with involved parties.
  4. Evacuation
    The movement of people away from potential or actual hazards for the purpose of safety.
  5. Full Activation
    The opening of an EOC with all pertinent actors and functions.
  6. Hazard Detection
    The process of identifying what hazard is about to occur or has taken place.
  7. Horizontal Evacuation
    The movement of people away from a hazard.
  8. Increased readiness conditions
    Rating system that is sometimes based on numerical numbers (ex. 1-4) and denotes the severity of an event along with appropriate measure to be taken.
  9. Partial Activation
    The opening of an EOC with some pertinent actors and functions.
  10. Sheltering
    The location or relocation of evacuees and others to places of refuge, which is a function that is frequently required in many disasters.
  11. Syndromic Surveillance
    Tracking the flow of patients in a hospital or clinic to determine trends and consequences of diseases.
  12. Vertical Evacuation
    The movement of people from low areas to higher areas (moving from lower floors in a building to those above or the roof if there is a fire or flood)
  13. Warnings
    Advanced notifications that allow people to take measures to protect themselves and their property. It indicates that the hazard is imminent, is taking place, or has occurred.
  14. Watch
    Notification that conditions are ripe for a hazard to occur.
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