M Codes

  1. Program Stop

    B) M00
  2. Optional Program Stop

    C) M01
  3. Program End

    B) M02
  4. Spindle On Clockwise

    A) M03
  5. Spindle On Counter-Clockwise

    C) M04
  6. Spindle Stop

    D) M05
  7. Tool Change

    D) M06
  8. Shower Coolant

    A) M07
  9. Coolant On

    D) M08
  10. Coolant Off

    A) M09
  11. Fourth Axis Brake On

    A) M10
  12. Fourth Axis Brake Release

    D) M11
  13. Fifth Axis Brake On

    A) M12
  14. Fifth Axis Brake Release

    B) M13
  15. Tool Change

    A) M16
  16. Unclamp APC Pallet and Open APC Door

    C) M17
  17. Clamp APC Pallet and Close APC Door

    C) M18
  18. Orient Spindle

    D) M19
  19. Optional User M Code Interface with M-Fin signal

    D) M21 - M28
  20. Program End and Reset

    D) M30
  21. Chip Auger Forward

    A) M31
  22. Chip Auger Stop

    D) M33
  23. Coolant Spigot Position Down

    B) M34
  24. Coolant Spigot Position Up

    C) M35
  25. Pallet Part Ready

    B) M36
  26. Rotate Tool Carousel

    B) M39
  27. Spindle Low Gear Override

    A) M41
  28. Spindle High Gear Override

    B) M42
  29. Execute Pallet Change

    A) M50
  30. Optional User M-Code Set

    A) M51 - M58
  31. Output Relay Set

    D) M59
  32. Optional User M-Code Clear

    A) M61 - M68
  33. Output Relay Clear

    D) M69
  34. Set G35 or G136 Reference Point

    C) M75
  35. Control Display Inactive

    a) M76
    b) M67
    d) M66
    e) M36
    a) M76
  36. Control Display Active

    B) M77
  37. Alarm if Skip Signal Found

    D) M78
  38. Alarm if Skip Signal Not Found

    A) M79
  39. Automatic Door Open

    A) M80
  40. Automatic Door Close

    D) M81
  41. Tool Unclamp

    B) M82
  42. Auto Air Jet On

    B) M83
  43. Auto Air Jet Off

    B) M84
  44. Tool Clamp

    a) M86
    b) M68
    d) M47
    e) M64
    a) M86
  45. Coolant through Spindle On

    C) M88
  46. Coolant through Spindle Off

    B) M89
  47. Axis Pos Capture Start

    D) M93
  48. Axis Pos Capture Stop

    C) M94
  49. Sleep Mode

    A) M95
  50. Jump if No Signal

    D) M96
  51. Local Sub-Program Call

    D) M97
  52. Sup-Program Call

    C) M98
  53. Sub-Program Return or Loop

    B) M99
  54. Interactive User Input

    B) M109
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