Bay Tech Closed book 1 missed questions

  1. Materials that are to be used for repairs or alterations of pressure vessels should be identified. What type of material generally requires a material test report (MTR)?
  2. Of the following which head would normally require the greatest wall thickness for the same design conditions?

    D) flat head
  3. When the probable corrosion rate cannot be determined, how is the corrosion rate determined for a vessel when the service conditions are changed?
    On-stream determination after about 6 weeks of service
  4. What does a pH of (1) indicate?
    Strong acid
  5. It is permissible to repair a crack in a welded joint by welding
    Only after obtaining authorization by the inspector
  6. When is re-rating of a pressure vessel considered complete?
    After the inspector witnesses the attachment of an additional nameplate
  7. What type of pressure relief valve has a main relieving valve controlled by a self actuated auxiliary pressure relief valve?
    Pilot operated safety valve
  8. What does a low absorbed energy value for an impact test specimen set indicate?
    the material is brittle
  9. Pressure vessel and pressure relieving device records shall contain four types of information. Of the following which is not one of the types of information required by API-510?

    A) Site operating and maintenance records
  10. Areas above and below the liquid level, in vessels with a process containing acidic components, may be subject to hydrogen blistering. This type of blistering can be found by
    A flashlight beam directed across the surface
  11. You have authorized repairs to stainless steel weld overlay. When developing the repair plan, the engineer should consider all of the following except?

    D) Radiography of the completed weld repair
  12. What are the 3 most effective methods of detecting caustic embrittlement during the external inspection of equipment?
    Visual inspection, MT, and angle beam UT
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Bay Tech Closed book 1 missed questions
Bay Tech Closed book 1 missed questions