Lt Phase 2

  1. State long term Goals
    • A.
    • B.
    • C.
    • D.
  2. State Short term goals
    • A.
    • B.
    • C.
    • D.
  3. S...Show up, engage, improve, encourage
    • A. Show up on scene or invite individual to you.
    • B. Engage/state the problem¬†
    • C. Improve relationships, situation or performance
    • D. Encourage individual (I have confidence in you).
  4. E.. Evaluate, investigate, get facts and underlying issues

    • A. Evaluate- look at the situation
    • B. Investigate- Ask all parties involved their version of what happened.
    • C. Get facts- conduct a jacket review. Ask other Lts.
    • D. Underlying issues- JAMF (Job dissatisfaction, Alcohol or drugs, marital problems, financial problems)
  5. R...Report In or Up

    • A. Report in- Notify the Watch Commander
    • B. Report Up- notify your Captain or other higher ranking official.
  6. G...Give Aid- recommend, Educate, Correct
    • A. Give aid- EAP (voluntary or mandatory referral)
    • B. Recommend-solutions, resources.
    • C. Educate-¬† training, SOP, court liaison, classes.
    • Correct- Set goals and develop performance plan (get agreement on goals, and outcome- ask "do you agree"?
  7. E...Enclose and Extract

    A. Enclose- contain the problem, Don't let it get any bigger; control rumors.

    B. Extract - the problem
  8. A...Apply procedures and determine policy violation.
    A. Apply procedures of the Department

    B. Policy violation- Determine if department policy was actually violated or not.
  9. N...Note, document, notify
    A. Note- make a personal note.

    B. Document- on a CP-550 to place in unit file.

    C. Notify your supervisor of the outcome and actions taken via memo or email.
  10. T...Tomorrow
    A. Do something tomorrow...

    - follow-up, roll call training, remain in contact, monitor performance (observe), re-evaluate, meet again.
  11. Extra...Delegate, Deadline, develop
    A. Delegate - certain projects to subordinates

    B. Deadline- set a deadline for delegated projects

    C. Develop-others (in service training, table top exercises..)
  12. Extra...Counsel, coach, care

    A. Counsel- individual on performance or other issue.

    B. Coach individual on ways to be better or do better.

    C. Care- Show compassion.
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Lt Phase 2
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