G Codes

  1. Rapid Positioning Motion

    B) G00
  2. Linear Interpolation Motion

    C) G01
  3. Circular Interpolation Motion CW

    B) G02
  4. Circular Interpolation Motion CCW

    A) G03
  5. Dwell

    C) G04
  6. Exact Stop (Non-Modal)

    D) G09
  7. Programmable Offset Setting

    D) G10
  8. Clockwise Circular Pocket Milling

    A) G12
  9. Counter-Clockwise Circular Pocket Milling

    D) G13
  10. Circular Motion XY Plane

    A) G17
  11. Circular Motion ZX Plane

    A) G18
  12. Circular Motion YZ Plane

    D) G19
  13. Verify Inch Coordinate Positioning

    A) G20
  14. Verify Metric Coordinate Positioning

    B) G21
  15. Machine Zero Return through Reference Point

    A) G28
  16. Move to Location through G28 Reference Point

    C) G29
  17. Feed Until Skip Function

    C) G31
  18. Automatic Tool Diameter Measurement

    D) G35
  19. Automatic Work Offset Measurement

    D) G36
  20. Automatic Tool Length Measurement

    D) G37
  21. Cutter Comp Cancel

    A) G40
  22. 2D Cutter Compensation, Left

    D) G41
  23. 2D Cutter Compensation, Right

    B) G42
  24. Tool Length Compensation +

    C) G43
  25. Tool Length Compensation -

    B) G44
  26. Text Engraving

    B) G47
  27. Tool Length Compensation Cancel

    A) G49
  28. Scaling Cancel

    B) G50
  29. Scaling

    A) G51
  30. Work Offset Positioning Coordinate

    A) G52
  31. Machine Positioning Coordinate (Non_modal)

    D) G53
  32. Work Offset Positioning Coordinate

    a) G54
    c) G72
    d) G15
    e) G01
    a) G54
  33. Work Offset Positioning Coordinate

    A) G55
  34. Work Offset Positioning Coordinate

    D) G56
  35. Work Offset Positioning Coordinate

    C) G57
  36. Work Offset Positioning Coordinate

    B) G58
  37. Work Offset Positioning Coordinate

    D) G59
  38. Uni-Directional Positioning

    A) G60
  39. Exact Stop (Modal)

    A) G61
  40. Exact Stop Cancel

    D) G64
  41. Macro Subroutine Call

    a) G65
    b) G43
    d) G91
    e) G72
    a) G65
  42. Rotation

    B) G68
  43. Rotation Cancel

    B) G69
  44. Bolt Hole Circle with a Canned Cycle

    B) G70
  45. Bolt Hole Arc with a Canned Cycle

    C) G71
  46. Bolt Holes along an Angle with a Canned Cycle

    B) G72
  47. HS Peck Drilling Canned Cycle

    D) G73
  48. Reverse Tapping Canned Cycle

    C) G74
  49. Fine Boring Canned Cycle

    A) G76
  50. Back Bore Canned Cycle

    D) G77
  51. Cancel Canned Cycle

    D) G80
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