PMBOK acronyms

  1. AC
    Actual cost
  2. ACWP
    Actual cost of work performed
  3. BAC
    Budget at completion
  4. CCB
    Change control board
  5. COQ
    Cost of quality
  6. CPAF
    Cost plus award fee
  7. CPFF
    Cost plus fixed fee
  8. CPI
    Cost performance index
  9. CPIF
    Cost plus incentive fee
  10. CPM
    Critical path method
  11. CV
    Cost variance
  12. EAC
    Estimate at completion
  13. EF
    Early finish date
  14. EMV
    Expected monetary value
  15. ES
    Early start date
  16. ETC
    Estimate to complete
  17. EV
    Earned value
  18. EVM
    Earned value management
  19. FF
  20. FFP
    Firm fixed price contract
  21. FMEA
    Failure mode and effect analysis
  22. FP-EPA
    Fixed price with economic price adjustment
  23. FPIF
    Fixed price incentive fee
  24. FS
  25. IFB
    Invitation for bid
  26. LF
    Late finish date
  27. LOE
    Level of effort
  28. LS
    Late start date
  29. OBS
    Organizational breakdown structure
  30. PDM
    Precedence diagramming method
  31. PMBOK
    Project Management Body of Knowledge
  32. PV
    Planned Value
  33. QFD
    Quality function deployment
  34. RACI
    Responsible, accountable, consult, and inform
  35. RAM
    Responsibility assignment matrix
  36. RBS
    Risk breakdown structure
  37. RFI
    Request for information
  38. RFP
    Request for proposal
  39. RFQ
    Request for quotation
  40. SF
  41. SOW
    Statement of work
  42. SPI
    Schedule performance index
  43. SS
  44. SV
    Schedule variance
  45. SWOT
    Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
  46. T&M
    Time and material contract
  47. VAC
    Variance at completion
  48. WBS
    Work breakdown structure
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