1. WAN
    wide area network
  2. LAN
    Local Area Network
  3. WPA
    Wifi protected access
  4. WPAN
    Wireless Personal Area Network
  5. SAN
    Storage Area Network
  6. MAN
    Metropolitan Area Network
  7. 1 byte=
  8. bits to bytes
    1byte = 8 bits
  9. Long-term storage devices are
    HDD, CD, DVD, Tape, Cloud Storage, USB flash drives
  10. Short-term storage
    RAM random Access Memory
  11. A 0 on a copper wire is represented
    by a pulse of 0 volts.
  12. A 1 on a copper wire is represented
    by a pulse of 5 volts.
  13. On a Fiber-Optic cable, a 1 is represented by
    the presence of light.
  14. On a Fiber-Optic cable, a 0 is represented by
    the absence of light.
  15. CPU
    Central Processing Unit
  16. BIOS
    Basic Input/Output System
  17. What does the term “rotational delay” mean?
    Rotational delay(also called latency, rotational latency) is the time it takes for a hard drive to rotate the desired disk sector to the read-write head.
  18. What is the purpose of a “hard drive platter”?
    A hard drive platter is a circular disk coated with a magnetic material that can store magnetic data. The magnetic material covering the disk is divided into many sections. When information is written to or retrieved from a hard drive, the magnet material in the sections on the platter are read or changed.
  19. What company is credited with inventing “Shingled Magnetic Recording”?
    Seagate was the first company to sell Shingled Magnetic Recording drives.
  20. What company is credited with inventing “Helium-filled hard drives”?
    Helium-filled hard drives were developed by Hitachi Global Storage Technologies(a subsidiary of Western Digital).
  21. What company is credited with the invention of the Hard Drive? ________IBM______
  22. What is the approximate date was the hard drive invented?
    _______ 1956__
  23. What size of hard drive was considered large in the 1980’s ____________20_Mb
  24. What was the approximate size of an “IBM 3380”.?
    ___ 2520MB = 2.52GB__
  25. What was the approximate cost of an “IBM 3380”.?
    ___ $97,650 to $142,200______
  26. What year was the “IBM 3380” drive introduced?
    ____1980_(but first shipped in Oct 1981)__
  27. What are the major network categories?
    Client/Server Networks, Peer-to-Peer Networks(P2P), and Directory Service Network
  28. OSI Layer 1
  29. OSI Layer 2
    Data link
  30. OSI Layer 3
  31. OSI Layer 4
  32. OSI Layer 5
  33. OSI Layer 6
  34. OSI Layer 7
  35. LLC
    Logical Link Control
  36. MAC
    Media Access Control
  37. What layer of the OSI model has sublayer? Name the sublayers.
    Data link layer has sublayers: LLC(Logical Link Control) and MAC(Media Access Control)
  38. What layer will you find IP addressing? (Layer name) ____Network Layer________
  39. What layer will you find MAC addressing? (Layer name)
    ____Data link___________
  40. Which layer supports encryption? (Layer name) _____Presentation__________
  41. What does the term “encapsulation” mean when referring to the OSI Model?
    Encapsulation is the process of adding a information to the beginning(a header) and a set of information at the end(a trailer) of a data packet as it passes from device to device on a network
  42. CPU
    Central Processing Unit__________________________
  43. “BIOS
    Basic Input/Output System__________________________
  44. NIC
    Network Interface Card (Network Adapter)
  45. VDI
    Virtual Desktop Interface__________________________
  46. TCP/IP
    Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol________
  47. What was the original name of “Internet”?
  48. What year was “Internet” established?
  49. What organization created “Internet”?
    U.S. Department of Defense (4 computers)_
  50. Switches
    connect devices, Layer 2(Data link), uses MAC address
  51. Hubs
    connect devices, Layer 1(Physical, no addresses)
  52. Router
    connects 2 or more networks, Layer3(Network) uses IPv4/IPv6
  53. Gateway
    connects networks and devices
  54. Simplex
    Data fl ows in only one direction.
  55. Half duplex
    Data fl ows in both directions, but only in one direction at a time.
  56. Full duplex
    Data fl ows in both directions at the same time.
  57. In what type of network component will you find a “MAC” address? ____NIC
  58. How many bits are there in a conventional “MAC” address? _______48__
  59. How many bytes are there in a conventional “MAC” address?
  60. What do the letters in “MAC” represent?
    ____Media Access Control_________
  61. “Logical Topology”:
    The logical topology of a network refers to the way data passes from one device to another on a network without regard to the physical layout of the network.
  62. “Physical Topology”:
    The physical topology of a network refers to the layout or placing of the cable or devices that make up the network.
  63. “Network Protocol”:
    Network Protocol(a.k.a. communication protocol) is the set of rules or communcations procedures that computers or devices use to communicate at the network layer.
  64. “Request for Comments” (RFC) as it relates to TCP/IP:
    Request for Comments is an evolving series of documents, proposals or standards that describe the TCP/IP protocol.(like and constantly updated manual)
  65. “Sneakernet”:
    Sneakernet refers to the movement of data from one computer to another by walking a storage device between the computer.(i.e. using a USB flash drive, CD/DVD or floppy disk to transfer data)
  66. What is Ethernet?
    Ethernet is the most common set of rules used for communication on wired networks.
  67. Who invented this technology and when?
    Robert Metcalf(Harvard graduate student),__1973(first document), 1980(publised)_
  68. What was the original speed of Ethernet (10BaseT)?
  69. Which one of the following “Ethernet” standards is the current standard?
    Ethernet 802.3
  70. 10BaseT: cable type and speed
    Twisted Pair 10Mbps
  71. 10Base5: cable type and speed
    Coaxial Cable 10Mbps
  72. 100BaseTX cable type and speed
    Twisted Pair 100Mbps
  73. 1000BaseT cable type and speed
    Twisted Pair 1000Mbps
  74. 10GBase LR cable type and speed
    Fiber Optics 10Gbps
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