API 510 practice exam open book missed questions

  1. Temper bead welding (a type of controlled deposition welding) using SMAW process is performed in lieu of a post weld heat treatment. What pre-heat maintenance temp should be maintained at the completion of welding?
  2. After a vessel has been constructed, a copy of the Manufacturers data report shall always be
    given to the user
  3. During a vessel repair, if preheating is performed in lieu of PWHT, what is the max allowed interpass temp?
  4. A pilot-operated relief valve could be used in which of the following process services?

    B) Liquid Gasoline
  5. Which of the following must be done when performing controlled deposition welding as a substitute for post weld heat treating?

    C) Prior to welding, develop and qualify a specific WPS for each application
  6. If an in service carbon steel vessel does not have a nameplate or adequate fabrication records, the minimum required thickness should be calculated. If the exact material is unknown, the allowable stress should be based on what material?
  7. After repair, a local pwht is substituted for a 360° pwht band. What is the min number of thermocouples that must be used to monitor this heat treatment?
  8. After a repair, an existing vessel will be pneumatically tested. At what pressure should the visual inspection be conducted?
    At or below MAWP
  9. An engineer is calculating the minimum required thickness in a corroded area on an ellipsoidal head. What formula should be used if the corroded area is in the knuckle of the head?
    Rating code elliptical head formula
  10. Welding is performed on an in service vessel. Which welding processes can be used when substituting for PWHT?
    Only SMAW, GMAW, and GTAW
  11. A full encirclement lap band is used on a vessel. What is required joint efficiency for the circumferential fillet weld?
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API 510 practice exam open book missed questions
API 510 practice exam open book missed questions