Wordly Wise C Lesson 6

  1. adopt
    • to take into a family as a son or daughter.
    • to take up and use or follow
  2. dairy
    • a place where milk and cream are made into butter, cheese, and other milk products
    • a farm where cows are kept to give milk
    • a store that sells milk and milk procducts
  3. detour
    • a turning aside from the usual way of going
    • to turn aside from the usual way of going
  4. discard
    to throw away or get rid of
  5. drowsy
    sleepy; about to fall asleep
  6. grain
    • the smal, hard seed of cereal plants such as corn and wheat
    • a single tiny piece of something
    • the markings or pattern on the suface of wood formed by the rings that make up the tree.
  7. owe
    • to have a debt to someone
    • to feel a need to do something in return for what has been done
  8. pang
    a sudden, sharp pain or feeling
  9. traitor
    a person who helps the enemy of his or her country.
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Wordly Wise C Lesson 6
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