Study Sheet Ops #1

  1. Designates sector locations for check off
    Zone Commander
  2. If a party refuses to sign a search form but grants written consent what should you do?
    complete the form and have a witness sign the form.
  3. Tele-serve will write escape reports if:
    from a adult institution over 1 hour old and no other crimes committed
  4. Tele-serve will write missing person report for who
    from dependency shelter, no foul play, not 27, older that 12 years
  5. Tele-serve will write stolen vehicles if:
    over 14 days overdue and no evidence/suspect
  6. Who in central records unit verifies 94 and Tele-serve will write missing person recovery
    Validation Clerk
  7. Tele-serve will write auto burglary if
    outside of duval, over 8 hrs old, refuses to process, inclement weather, no evidence, vehicle moved
  8. If over 10 items of property to add to a report what will Tele-sreve require?
    email or list submitted of items
  9. Tele-serve will write misdemeanor stalking when?
    not domestic & suspect not present
  10. Tele-serve will write misdemeanor assault when?
    not domestic and suspect not present
  11. Tele-serve will write robbery to individual when?
    victim reporting from other location, no evidence, vict not injured
  12. Prank phone calls with known suspect/solvability factors what will Tele-serve do?
    send an SAO card to the victim
  13. If threatening/harrassing/obscene calls tele-serve will do what with prank phone calls
    route the report to intelligence
  14. true/false
    Tele-serve will write all identity theft and theft cases for insurance purposes.
  15. Who reviews and accepts all on line reports
    Tele-serve supervisor
  16. True/False
    Stolen firearms can be reported with the on-line reporting system if there is a serial number
    False-can never be reported.
  17. When must all graffitti reports, crime tips, traffic complaints be completed by FTO Coordinator?
    With in 30 days
  18. Who will check the stolen/pawn report (daily) for on online reporting system
    MCI Officer
  19. What is the max time on the radio?
    no more than 20 seconds
  20. Anytime a pursuit is code November-ed what must be completed?
    Vehicle Pursuit Form
  21. Who is required to respond to the termination point of a pursuit
  22. No more than __ uniformed officer in a restraunt at one time
  23. Canine Officer can utilize the PIT?
    Only if deadly force is authorized
  24. Who can authorize a blocking  of a suspect's vehicle?
    sergeant or higher
  25. When completing a blocking technique where will the officers in the blocking vehicle respond
    they stay in their vehicle
  26. Who can utilize the box in technique....who can authorize it?
    homeland security.......LT or higher
  27. Who must be notified if the PIT is going to be used?
  28. Most effective targets for Ramming?
    wheel hubsm engine compartment
  29. Spike Stips have to complete what form?
    Vehilce Pursuit form
  30. If another vehicle is spiked while in a pursuit what forms are compelted
    general offense damaged vehicle report
  31. supervisory responsibility for a pursuit rests with who???
    The sector sergeant
  32. Ultimate responsibility for a pursuit continuation and termination rests with who??
  33. If death occurs from a spike strip who investigates
    Traffic Homicide
  34. Who authorizes preemptive use of spike strips?
    sgt or higher
  35. Who reviews pursuits?
    • Safety board based on Zone Commanders request
    • RTR board if not referred to safety board
  36. Who get the audio/video for pursuits?
    A/C crimes against persons
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Study Sheet Ops #1
Study Sheet Ops #1