API closed book exam missed questions

  1. API 510 says that widely scattered pitting can be ignored provided that the
    remaining thickness is not less than 1/2 the minimum required thickness
  2. Rupture disks are commonly used
    to protect a pressure relief valve from corrosive products
  3. During a vessel repair or alteration, when can controlled deposition welding be used as an alternative for pwht?
    for P1, P3, and P4 materials
  4. Erosion or corrosion in an exchanger shell that is adjacent to the bundle baffles can be most easily found during an internal inspection with
    flashlight beam directed parallel to the shells internal surface
  5. An exchanger shell has a locally corroded area. The owner decides to repair this area with weld buildup. During this repair, the shell should be
    checked for distortion
  6. When weld build up is performed in a corroded area, the
    area should be examined with MT or PT prior to welding
  7. Which welding process requires the uses a non-combustable electrode
  8. During an inspection, a few isolated deep pits are found in the vessel wall. The current vessel wall thickness is a 0.800". The minimum required shell thickness is 0.600". What is the maximum pit depth allowed?
  9. The 3G welding position is an
    vertical groove welder qualification test weld
  10. What is the most extensively used NDE method for welds
  11. A corroded are in a carbon steel vessel is being repaired by using weld overlay(weld build up). The vessel surface should be examined by
    MT or PT both before and after welding
  12. A vessel has a shell that was designed using a joint efficiency of 0.85. There is a corroded area in the vessel that needs evaluated. When calculating the minimum required thickness for this corroded area, what joint efficiency should be used?
    May use an "E" of 1.0 if the corroded area is away from a weld
  13. Which of the following is not a requirement for when installing a flush patch on a vessel shell?

    C) The patch must have a tell-tale hole
  14. A corroded spring in a relief valve will
    pop at a pressure lower than the set pressure
  15. In welding, what is the A number
    Chemical analysis of the deposited weld metal
  16. A welded repair is made to stainless steel cladding. The vessels base metal is carbon steel. The completed weld repair should be examined using
  17. Areas directly above or below the liquid level in vessels containing acidic corrodents are subject to
    hydrogen blistering
  18. The structure of weld metal is most similar to that formed by
  19. How many shell welds are required to be radiographed per API 577
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API closed book exam missed questions
API closed book exam missed questions