Physiology III Structure of the Gut

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  1. Layers of the digestive tube
    Tunica mucosa- tunica submucosa- tunica muscularis- serosa (adventitia in esophagus)
  2. Three layers of tunica mucosa
    Epithelium- lamina propria- lamina muscularis
  3. Three common muscular layers in the gut wall
    Lamina muscularis- circular muscle- longitudinal muscle
  4. Tunica muscularis
    Longitudinal muscle- circular muscle- myenteric plexus (Auerbach's): contration/ relaxation of smooth muscle
  5. Submucosa
    Layer of connective tissue that may contain glands

    Submucosal plexus (Meissner's): secretions of digestive system
  6. Intramural Glands
    Exist in the wall of the digestive tube either as specialized enterocytes of as secretory cells in the mucosa or submucosa
  7. Extramural Glands
    Exist outside the wall of the digestive tube but their secretions enter the digestive tube
  8. Intramural Glands of the Gut
    • Epithelial Goblet Cells ( not true examples)
    • Mucosal crypt cells
    • Mucosal gastric glands
    • Submucosal Brunner's glands
    • Submucosal mucin-secreting cells
  9. Extramural Glands of the Gut
    • Salivary Acinar and Ductal Cells
    • Pancreatic Acinar and Ductal Cells
    • Hepatic parenchymal Cells and Ductal cholangeocytes
  10. Intramural mucosal glands
    • Gastric Glands: fundic and pyloric region of stomach
    • Crypts of Lieberkuhn in the SI and LI
  11. Intramural submucosal glands
    • Mucin-secreting esophagus glands
    • Brunner's glands: bicarbonate-secreting located in proximal duodenum
  12. Goblet Cells
    mucin-secreting cells that are distributed as single cells in the epithelial layer throughout the SI and LI of gut
  13. Salivary glands
    Empty into oral cavity
  14. Exocrine pancreas and hepatic cholangiocytes
    duodenal papilla in duodenum
  15. GALT and MALT
    • Gut-associated lymphoid tissue and mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue.
    • MALT emmbedded in walls of the airway and in the digestive tube
    • GALT the innate immune system of the digestive tract
  16. Peyer's Patch
    • Accumulation of lymphocytes or lymph follicles in the ileum, appendix and anus.
    • Extend from the lamina propria to the submucosa
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