that's english modulo 5 unit 10-4

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  1. myth
    mito m; (=imaginary person, thing)

    • a Greek myth
    • un mito griego

    • that's a myth
    • eso es un mito

    there are many myths
  2. myths about online dating
    • people lie
    • they don't tell the truth
    • they don't use own photo
    • usually cheat on partners
  3. advantage online dating
    • a certain amount of privacy /ˈprɪvəsɪ/
    • un poco de intimidad

    can get to know people in secret

    • we are honest about ourselves earlier
    • nos abrimos antes

    we talk about our dreams ambitions problems much quicker

    you ca find someone to talk to much more easily than in the pass

    cheaper than going out

    friend around the world
  4. desavantages online dating
    negative consecuence
    to share personal information

    profile about yourself with a picture,

    • anyone can find things about you
    • you do have to be very careful what you say

    most people describe themselves in a similar way: sporty quite attractive, has a good sense of humor
  5. about a the person you are looking for

    • sense of humour
    • romantic
    • successful
    • goog listener
    • intelligent
    • a nice smile
    • confidence 
    • show confidence and sensitivity/ˌsensɪˈtɪvɪtɪ/
    • gorgeous/ˈgɔːdʒəs/  (mujer) preciosa
    • a gorgeous person (general)
  6. atractivo (sustantivo)
    attractiveness /əˈtræktɪvnɪs/

    you meet a gorgeous person, but the moment they open their mouth their attractiveness dissolves
  7. moreno, bronceado
    anned[tænd] ADJ 

    with tanned skin and blue eyes
  8. mirar entre
    look through

    just look through photos of similar-looking famous people, you'll see what hollywood clearly defines as good-looking
  9. caracteristicas fisicas
    • tanned skin
    • full-lips
    • long shiny hair
    • broad-shouldered men
    • blue-eyed
    • long-haired
  10. humanitaria afectuoso bondadoso

    AADJ afectuoso, bondadoso

    • the caring professions
    • las profesiones humanitariast
    • he caring society
    • la sociedad humanitaria
  11. poco amable
    unkind   [ʌnˈkaɪnd] ADJ

    unkinder  unkindest

    • (=cruel, nasty)[person] poco amable; (stronger) cruel;
    • [criticism] duro;
    • [remark] cruel;
    • [words] desagradable

    • that was very unkind of him
    • eso fue muy poco amable de su parte

    • I've never known him to be unkind
    • nunca ha sido desagradable, que yo sepa

    • she never has an unkind word to say about anyone
    • nunca dice nada malo de nadie
  12. despiadado, cruel
    heartless[ˈhɑːtlɪs] despiadado, cruel
  13. machista
    chauvinist  /ˈʃəʊvɪnɪst/
  14. no parece un problema si...
    it doesn't seem to matter if the hero is a male chauvinist
  15. no parece / parece que no
    • it doesn't seem to matter 
    • no parece un problema

    • it doesn't seem to work
    • no parece que funcione 

    • it doesn't seem possible to work
    • no parece posible que funcione

    • it doesn't seem to affect
    • parece que no afecta

    • it doesn't seem to be moving
    • no parece que se este moviendo que se mueva
  16. ancho de hombros
    broad-shouldered /ˈbrɔːdˈʃəʊldəd/ man
  17. sufijo  ful

    nombre / adjetivos
    careful cuidadoso

    helpful  util servicial

    hopeful prometedor ilusionado

    meaningful  con significado profundo, significativo
  18. sufijo less

    careless   descuidado

    meaningless  sin sentido

    helpless indefenso

    hopeless inutil( personsa) desesperada(situación)
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