Chapter 15

  1. Vascular system consists of
    • closed system
    • Blood vessels
    • Four heart chambers
  2. 5 types of blood vessels
    • arteries
    • arterioles (resistence vessels)
    • capillaries
    • venules
    • veins (emptys blood to <3)
  3. Pulmonary circuit
    • Starts at the RV
    • Pulmonary arter and its branches, capillaries in luncgs, pulmonary veins
    • Ends at the LA
  4. Systemic circuit
    • Starts at the LV
    • Aorta arters and arterioles, systemic capillaries venules, systemic veins
    • Ends at RA
  5. Vessel Structure
    • 3 layers (tunics) of arteries and veins
    • inner(endothelium)
    • Middle (smooth involunary muscle)
    • -controlled by autonomic nervous system
    • -elastic CT
    • -Thinner in veins
    • Outer (supporting CT)
  6. Which vessel has no valves
  7. How many cell layers does capillaries have
  8. Systemic arteries
    • begins with the aorta (largest artery [mother of all arteries])
    • Recieves blood from the left ventricle and branches to all organs
  9. The aorta and its parts
    • Ascending aorta (near the heart and inside pericardial sac)
    • aortic arch (curves from the right to the left and also extends posteriorly)
    • descending aorta
    • -thoracic aorta (anterior to the vertebral column posterior to the heart)
    • -abdominal aorta (largest and lowest part)
  10. Where does the aora and its parts end?
    at the common iliac artereis
  11. Branches of the Ascending aorta
    • Left and right coronary arteries
    • supply the heart muscle
  12. Branches of the aortic arch
    • Brachiocephalic artery(UNPAIRED): arm and head on the right side
    • -right subclavian artery:r right upper arm
    • -right common carotid artery: right side of neck head and brain
    • Left common carotid artery: left side of neck and head
    • Left subclavian artery:left arm
  13. Thoracic aorta
    • supplies branches to the chest wall and esophagus, the bronchi and their tree like subdivision in the lungs.
    • intercostal arteries - extend between the ribs sending branches tot he muscles and other structures of the chest wall
  14. Left gastric artery
    • in celiac trunck
    • goes to the stomach
  15. splenic artery
    • celiac trunck
    • goes to the spleen
  16. hepatic artery
    • celiac trunk
    • carries oxygenated blood to the liver
  17. Superior mesenteric artery carries...
    carries blood to most of the small intestine and to the first half of the large intestine
  18. Inferior mesenteric artery supplies...
    second half of the large intestine
  19. phrenic arteries
    • paired
    • supply the diaphragm
  20. suprarenal arteries
    • paired
    • supply the adrenal(suprarenal) glands
  21. renal arteries
    • paired and larges of the lateral branches
    • carry blood to the kidneys
  22. ovarian arteries and testicular arteries
    supply the sex glands
  23. lumbar arteries
    4 pairs extend into the musculature of the abdominal wall
  24. internal iliac artery
    sends branches tot he pelic organs i.e. the urinary bladder the rectum and some reproductive organs
  25. external iliar artery
    • femoral artery > popliteal artery> popliteal artery > tibial arter > dorsalis pedis
    • suppy leg and foot
  26. internal carotid arteries
    travels intot he head and branches to supply the eye and the anterior portiono f the brain
  27. external carotid arteries
    branches to the thyroid gland and to other structures in the head and upper part of the neck
  28. common carotid artery supplies..
    supplies the head
  29. Subclavian artery
    • supplies blood the arm and hands
    • -branches vertebral artery : supplyes posterior brain
    • -axillary artery (pits)
    • --brachial arterm
    • ---radial artery: down the thumb side of the forearm and wrist
    • ---ulnar artery: along the medial or little finger side into the hand
  30. Anastomoses
    • Communication between two vessels
    • -Circle of willis (brain)
    • -Superficial palmar arch
    • -Mesenteric arches
    • -Arterial arches
  31. Systemic (superficial veins)
    • Cephalic, basilic, median cubital vein (blood drawing)
    • Saphenous veing (longest vein in body)
  32. Deep veins
    • Femoral and iliac vessels
    • brachial, axillary, subclavian vessels
    • Jugular veins (head and neck to heart)
    • Brachiocephalic vein
  33. Superior vena cava
    Veins of the head neck upper extremities and chest drain here
  34. Azygos vein
    drains the veins of the chest wall and empties into superior vena cava
  35. inferior vena cava
    iliac veins, lumbar veins, testicular and ovarian veins, renal and suprarenal veins, hepatic veins
  36. vessel that carries blood away from the heart
  37. pulmonary circuit carries blood to
  38. Hepatic portal vein
    Unpaired veins i.e. speel and parts of digestive tract empty here
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